Increase employee engagement and retention with an employee app

In an environment where it is hard to recruit new people, it is more important than ever to ensure that you retain the people that you have in your organisation. Introducing an employee app is one way to do this.

As part of a recruitment marketing event that we hosted in May 2023 with MEGA, we had a discussion with James Scott, CEO of and Laura McGrath of Mallaghan GSE about how the Thrive app can be used to increase employee engagement and retention.

The video below is a recording of that panel discussion.

If you’d like to navigate to specific content in the video you will find details of the topics covered and the relevant timestamps below:

0:30 – James Scott: Improving communication across the organisations to ensure people have visibility of what is happening in different departments and locations.

1:55 – James Scott: Making sure people without a desktop or work email address still have access to important information.

3:16 – James Scott: How an employee app can help in a hybrid / remote working environment.

4:25 – James Scott: The importance of customisation to the success of the Thrive app.

5:55 – James Scott: An easy to manage Content Management System to allow for testing of different configurations and content types without any additional development costs.

7:05 – Laura McGrath: Why Mallaghan started looking for an employee app – what problem was it solving?

8:28 – Laura McGrath: How easy was the implementation process for the app?

10:48 – Laura McGrath: How do you measure whether the app is working to improve engagement & communications across the organisation?

12:45 – Laura McGrath – Generating ideas for business improvements using the ‘Bright Ideas’ function.

13:55 – Laura McGrath – The content types that work best to increase engagement on the app.

16:15 – James Scott: What content types can be used to drive engagement?

17:30 – Laura McGrath: Using the app to reinforce and embed company values across the organisation

18:55 – Laura McGrath & James Scott: How new ideas for content develop as a result of seeing how the app is used and looking at the app analytics reports.

21:40 – James Scott – Is using AI to create content an approach that companies introducing the app have started to consider?

22:50 – Laura McGrath: How the MEGA mentoring scheme has helped Laura in her everyday role with Mallaghan and the benefits that the wider organisation has enjoyed as a result.

25:35 – James Scott: What are the main benefits of using the app according to your customers?

27:05 – Q&A with the audience:

  1. Are there any languages that the app does not support?
  2. How can you monitor comments and content posted on the app to make sure it is appropriate?


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