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"From script to screen, it was painless."
Tim Monroe
Marketng Director, Smiley Monroe


The greater profile you will have as a result of your video marketing campaign will lead to more applications for the vacancies you are promoting.

Access to a broader talent pool makes it more likely you’ll find the kind of person you need to keep growing and providing your customers with the service they expect.


An ‘always on’ recruitment marketing strategy ensures you stay front of mind with your target audience – helping you to


By driving more applications for the jobs you promote, the risk of unsuccessful recruitment campaigns is reduced – reducing your time to fill.

You’re often hiring to solve a capacity issue – so the sooner you can have your new employee in place, the quicker you’ll start to see the results.


In an increasingly competitive recruitment market it’s more important that ever to make sure your organisation stands out.

Our video marketing services for recruitment marketing campaigns help to build trust in your organisation and give potential recruits a clear idea of what working with you will be like.


By driving more direct applications you are building a future talent pipeline – making future recruitment campaigns quicker and easier.

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Our team have been designing and executing successful recruitment marketing campaigns since 2007.

Before starting the company in 2017, our Creative Director, Peter Craven spent 10 years as Head of Marketing in a global engineering company that grew from 37 employees to more than 350 employees.

This involved the design and execution of recruitment marketing campaigns from interneship & graduate recruitment through to senior members of the team.

peter craven creative director bluesky video marketing
Extremely experienced.... very professional... very engaging. From creative, to filming, to editing a superb finished product, BlueSky Video Marketing will ensure that your service or product 'comes alive' and makes your target audience sit up and take notice! Highly recommended.
David Harries
Managing Director - Interview People Online
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Changing jobs is a big decision.

Authenticity matters.

By using video as part of your recruitment marketing strategy you can give potential candidates a look inside the organisation to understand your culture and the introduce the people that make your organisation tick.

Some of our recruitment marketing videos

Watch some of our recruitment marketing videos below

Telestack - More than an engineering company

As part of the company’s ‘always on’ recruitment marketing strategy, this is a recruitment marketing video that we created for Telestack to highlight all of the different business functions that combine to deliver successful projects for their customers.

Engineering recruitment at Kiverco

We created these 4 short recruitment videos for Kiverco to be used in a recruitment marketing campaign in early 2024.

The videos were used across social media channels to drive interest in the engineering roles that Kiverco was promoting.

Kiverco designs and manufactures equipment for the recycling industry and works throughout the UK and Ireland as well as across the globe to help their customers maximise material recovery and minimise waste.

Placement opportunities with Telestack

The 3 recruitment marketing videos below were created for Telestack to promote their 2024/25 placement and internship opportunities.

Then series features interviews with a number of their current placement students talking about their experience of being part of the Telestack team.

Smiley Monroe - Graduate Recruitment 2023

This video was part of a series that we created for Smiley Monroe for use in their graduate recruitment campaign for 2023.

The videos were featured at the QUB Graduate Recruitment Fair in Belfast as well as being used across the company’s social media channels following the event top help build the employer brand and attract applications for the graduate roles that they are promoting.

Smiley Monroe is a Video as a Service customer.

Flexibility Works & CeeD

We created a package of 3 case study videos for Flexibility Works and CeeD Scotland to showcase the benefits that 3 companies in the manufacturing sector had enjoyed since introducing flexible working practices.

This video was one of those and was created with R&W Scott, a food manufacturing company in Scotland.

Careers with Abacus

This video was created as part of a recruitment marketing package with Abacus recruitment to help promote careers in the recruitment industry.

The video was used at an event to launch a training academy for graduates thinking about a career in the recruitment industry and features members of the Abacus team talking about what it’s like to work for Abacus.


We created a package of recruitment marketing videos for Scileads to help with their recruitment efforts in 2023.

This video focuses on the key benefits offered by Scileads and was supported by additional short videos profiling roles within the organisation as well as highlighting how their team enjoy the fully remote nature of how Scileads operates.

Smiley Monroe - Our Story

Smiley Monroe manufactures conveyor belts for use in the crushing, screening, mining and recycling sectors.

We created this video with the team to provide potential job applicants with background to the company while also outlining their plans and ambitions for the future.

bBold Tan - A Day in the Life

This video profiles a day in the life of a marketing manager at bBold tan.

We worked with Lauren Hyndman in the run up to an event which marked the launch of bBold products in Primark and Penney’s stores across Ireland.

The package also included a short 60 second edit and 4 x 15 second versions in vertical format for use on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube shorts.

SDG Construction Technology

We worked with SDG on a package of recruitment marketing content to be used as part of a recruitment drive in Spring 2022.

This was a bloopers video featuring out takes from the filming day and intended to show the personality of the company.

This video was used in conjunction with another video asset focusing on the culture and values at SDG.

MEGA Manufacturing Network

We made this video with MEGA for National Apprenticeships Week 2022 to help promote apprenticeship opportunities in the manufacturing sector in Northern Ireland.

The video features several members of the MEGA Network talking about the value of apprentices to their organisations.

Allstate NI & Alpha Office Furniture

We created this video for Alpha Office Furniture to showcase the offices of Allstate NI in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The video takes a tour of the office facilities as well as including interviews with representatives of Alpha Office Furniture, the project architects and Allstate Northern Ireland.

Fullerton House School, Belfast

Fullerton House is one of two prepartory schools for Methodist College Belfast and we worked with them to create this video to promote the school to potential new students.

The video features teachers, parents and pupils talking about their experiences at Fullerton House.

Mineral Products Association

This video was created for the Mineral Products Association (MPANI) to promote careers in the sector.

The MPANI represents construction materials producers and quarry operators in Northern Ireland.


AW Control Systems

AW Control Systems design and manufacture electrical control panels for a range of different sectors.

As part of a recruitment drive we worked with them to create a suite of videos to build awareness of the company and profile their employees and the work they do.

Women in Engineering - Terex

This video was part of a package we delivered for the MEGA Manufacturing Network to promote women in engineering.

This video features an interview with Julie Burnett – a manufacturing engineer with global engineering company, Terex.

How does it work?

This is the proces we follow to design and execute your recruitment video marketing campaigns

We work with your team to identify your recruitment objectives for the coming year.

We work to understand your business and the key recruitment messages that you want to use.

We will develop content ideas that will help you achieve your recruitment objectives. These are then reviewed with your team.

We create scripts and storyboards for all the content within your campaign and refine with your team.

We set about creating all of the content in the recruitment marketing campaign.

Managing content on your YouTube channel or running paid campaigns, we can do whatever you need.


Contact us to set up a meeting to talk through your video marketing project