Watch some of our latest recruitment marketing video projects

Telestack - More than an Engineering Company

As Telestack embarks on an expansion project including investment in a new production facility, they re using Video as a Service to produce a regular stream of video marketing content to help with their recruitment efforts.

This video was created to highlight all of the various departments that exist within Telestack and features members of the Telestack team explaining how each department contributes to the success of the company.

Smiley Monroe - Meet the team

As Smiley Monroe grows the team we worked with them to create this series of videos to allow potential applicants to find out from other members of the team what they enjoy most about working at Smiley Monroe.

The series also sought to find out more about the personalities and interests of the people on the Smiley Monroe team so that potential applicants are in a better position to decide whether it looks like the kind of company that they would like to work for.

Smiley Monroe is a Video as a Service customer.

Kiverco - Recruiting Engineers

We created these 4 short recruitment videos for Kiverco to be used in a recruitment marketing campaign in early 2024.

The videos were used across social media channels to drive interest in the engineering roles that Kiverco was promoting.

Flexibility Works & CeeD

We worked with Flexibility Works and CeeD to create 3 case study videos demonstrating how flexible working practices have been introduced to the manufacturing industry in Scotland in recent times.

The intention of the campaign was to promote the advantages of flexible working both for the companies who had introduced the practices and their people.


We worked with software company, Scileads on a package of recruitment marketing videos to be used in their hiring campaigns throughout 2023.

The video below represents an example of the assets we created as part of this package which also included an onboarding video to be used to welcome new people to the Scileads team.

Abacus Talent Group

We created this video for Abacus for use at an event they were hosting in Belfast to attract new people to the recruitment industry through their training academy.

This video was part of a broader package of work for Abacus to help promote careers inthe recruitment industry.

Smiley Monroe - Our Story

This video was created for Smiley Monroe for use in a number of ways – one of which was to give potential job applicants a look at the history of the company while also outlining their plans and ambitions for the future.

bBold Tan - A Day in the Life

This video showcases a day in the life of a marketing manager in the sunless tanning industry.

We spent some time with the bBold Marketing Manager, Lauren Hyndman as she worked towards the launch of their Hydra product in Primark and Penneys stores across Ireland.

The product was launched at Dilly & Dolly’s in Belfast at an event with local influencer and Digital PR specialists.

As well as the master video asset shown below we also created a number of additional assets for use across a variety of channels:

  • Widescreen master version for the website and YouTube
  • 60 second square edit with embedded captions for use on organic social and as part of paid social media campaigns
  • 4 x 15 second vertical videos for use on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook anf YouTube shorts

SDG Construction Technology - Recruitment video

We created this video with the team at SDG Construction Technology in Armagh, Northern Ireland for use in a recruitment campaign in Spring 2022.

The video was filmed at the SDG offices and features contributions from a number of different members of the team.

SDG is a Video as s Service customer.

Level 2 & Level 3 Apprenticeships

This video was part of a package we created for National Apprenticeships Week 2022 in partnership with MEGA.

MEGA is a membership organisation that promotes careers in the manufacturing sector in the Mid Ulster District Council region of Northern Ireland.

MEGA Network

This video features several manufacturing companies in Northern Ireland talking about the value of being a part of the MEGA network.

MEGA is an organisation that exists to promote careers in the manufacturing sector to schools and colleges as well as lobby on the behalf of their membership for funding and additional support to ensure a thriving manufacturing industry in the Mid Ulster region of Northern Ireland.

Promoting careers in manufacturing to the East Timor community

As a result of a skills shortage in the manufacturing industry, the sector turned its attention to attracting new people to the industry.

One of the ways they wanted to do this was to promote careers in manufacturing to the East Timor community which is well represented in the Mid Ulster District Council region.

For this video we spoke to people from that community who currently work in the manufacturing sector about their experience.

We then worked with local community representatives to provide a translation of our interviews for use as subtitles on the video.

Video Interviews - The Candidate's Perspective

This was one of a package of videos that we created for Interview People Online – a cloud based software platform that allows you to quickly and easily conduct video interviews with job applicants using human like avatars.

This video focuses on the perspective of the candidate when using video interviews for the first time and features our very own Ethan Harman, who we recruited using the Interview People Online platform.

Careers in Manufacturing - Terex

This was one of a series of videos that we made with MEGA – the organisation based in Northern Ireland that works to promote careers in the manufacturing industry.

For this video we visited the Terex production facility and spoke to Julie Burnett about her role as a Manufacturing Engineer.

Mineral Products Association Northern Ireland

The Mineral Products Association in Northern Ireland represents the majority of construction materials producers in Northern Ireland.

We worked with them in the summer of 2020 to develop a series of videos aimed at promoting careers in the sector.

These videos were intended for use on the MPANI website as well as part of visits with schools and colleges to promote the wide variety of careers available in the construction materials sector.

Intermezzo by Herbert Smith Freehills

The Intermezzo project was a collaboration between international law firm, Herbert Smith Freehills, Arts & Business Northern Ireland and The Belfast Ensemble.

The project involved employees of Herbert Smith Freehills getting the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument over the course of 1 year.

The Senior Management Team also learned how to conduct a chamber orchestra.

We documented the project over the course of 12 months and produced this video for highlight the innovative culture as well as the company values of Herbert Smith Freehills in Belfast.

Dawson Engineering - careers in manufacturing

We made this video with Dawson Engineering in Portadown, Northern Ireland as part of a project to promote careers in the manufacturing industry.

The project was organised by MEGA – a representative body for the manufacturing industry in the Mid Ulster region of Northern Ireland.