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Crossen Engineering - Medical Sector Focus

We made this video for Crossen Engineering to showcase the services they offer clients in the medical device sector.

This is a key development sector for Crossen Engineering.

Crossen Engineering is a Video as a Service customer.

P McVey Building Systems - The McVey Way

This video for P McVey Building Systems promotes the modular buildings that they manufacture using off site construction at their factory in Northern Ireland.

How a Credit Union works

We made this video for Termonmaguirk Credit Union to outline how the work they do supports their members and the local community that they serve.

As a not-for-profit organisation, Termonmaguirk Credit Union plays an important role in supporting the community in and around Carrickmore, County Tyrone.

For this video, one of the volunteer board members, Gary Mallon took on the voiceover duties to demonstrate the commitment of the Termonmaguirk Credit union team to being an active member of the local community.

Lippmann 1200j & 1060j Hybrid Crushers

This video was created for Lippmann, a US machinery manufacturer to promote the introduction of 2 hybrid crushers to their product range in 2023.

Maybe you should hire SDG?

Taking inspiration from one of the most iconic 1980’s television programmes, we made this video for SDG Construction Technology to showcase their role as problem solvers for their customers.

Complex construction projects are full of surprises – so SDG customers need to know that they”ll get advice they can trus from a company that can respond quickly and deliver products to site at short notice.

So if you have a problem, if no-one else can help and if you can find them – maybe you should hire SDG.

I love it when a plan comes together !!

SDG is a Video as a Service customer

McShane Packaging - Scaling the business for a bright future

This video documented the expansion of the production facilities at McShane Packaging in Armagh, Northern Ireland as demand for the company’s products has grown in recent years.

We visited site throughout the construction process for the new factory and used a variety of cameras including timelapse, drone and ground cameras to document the project and show the significant expansion of McShane Packaging.

The video features two directors in the business – Philippa McShane and Paddy McShane – talking about the origins of McShane Packaging, their growth story and their ambitious plans for the future.

McCloskey Environmental - ET620 Trommel

This video was created for McCloskey Environmental to introduce the new ET620 trommel to their global distributors and customers.

Checkproof - Feature Focus: OEM Solutions

Checkproof is a software company based in Sweden that offers technology for the global heavy equipment and construction vehicle and equipment industries.

They developed a new feature in their app for use by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) that allows them to quickly and easily monitor the performance of their equipment in the field.

We worked with the team at Checkproof to create this video to be used as part of the campaign to launch the new feature to their global customer base.

The video was recorded on several locations including the Checkproof offices near Stockholm as well as several of their customer sites in Sweden and the UK.

Liondell - Soakcube

Liondell is based in the south of England and is a manufacturer in tools for use in injection moulding.

Soakcube is a new soakway product that the company has developed to help solve the problem of excess water gathering on residential, commercial applications as well as sports pitches.

We made this video with them to be used in their approaches to builders merchants to help promote the benefits of the Soakcube product when compared to other soakway solutions in the market.

Crossen Engineering - Company Profile

We made this video for Crossen Engineering for use on their website to introduce the range of services that they offer for their customers.

Crossen Engineering offer design for manufacture, pressing, injection moulding and manufacturing services to customers across a range of sectors.

As well as using the video on the company website it was also intended for use in sales pitches and presentations from the business development team at Crossen Engineering when talking to new potential customers.

Crossen Engineering is a Video as a Service customer.

Tesab 800ie Crusher

Tesab is a crushing and screening equipment manufacturer based in Northern Ireland.

We worked with the team at their manufacturing facility in Omagh to create this launch video for the new 800ie crusher.

Checkproof - Fleet Optimisation

Checkproof is a Swedish software company that offers a technology solution to the heavy industrial equipment, quarrying and mining sectors.

Their technology solution is designed to help equipment manufacturers and users get the most from their machines by providing access to real time performance information and streamliing reporting.

Checkproof recently introduced a new ‘Fleet Optimisation’ feature to the app which allows users to monitor idling time on their machine fleet in order to establish best practice and encourage all machine and vehicle operators to perform better – which reduces operational costs and the carbon footprint of their operations.

The feature uses gamification to encourage better performance from machine and vehicle opertors and in this video, Checkproof founder Hakan Holmgren explains how it works.

The video also features Kevin Cage, Head of Aggregates Operations at Cemex UK talking about their experience of using the new feature during a pilot project.

Smiley Monroe - Our Story

This video was created for conveyor belt manufacturers, Smiley Monroe to help tell the story of how the business has developed since 1979 and outline their plans and ambitions for the future.

The video was launched at the Bauma 2022 trade show in Munich, Germany and is also intended for use on their website and YouTube channel.

The video will also have a use as a recruitment marketing video.

MEGA - Membership Video

MEGA is an organisation in Northern Ireland that promotes careers in the manufacturing industry.

We made this video for them in 2023 to promote the value of membership to other manufacturing companies.

The video features three existing members of the MEGA network talking about the value they have got from their membership.

Tesab - Brand Identity Launch

We made this video for crushing and screening equipment manufacturer, Tesab as they prepared to launch their new brand identity at the ConExpo trade show in Las Vegas in March 2023.

McCloskey International - Brand Identity Launch

We made this video for crushing and screening equipment manufacturer, McCloskey International as they prepared to launch their new brand identity at the ConExpo trade show in Las Vegas in March 2023.

Independent Living in Later Life

This was a project we worked on with the NICILL, The Housing Executive in Northern Ireland and Radius Housing to promote independent living in later life.

The first video focuses on the benefits of independent living and showcases some of the facilities on offer throughout Northern Ireland.

The second video seeks to answer some of the frequently asked questions about independent living for the over 55s.

The Manufacturing Industry in Scotland

We worked with CeeD – the Centre for Engineering Education and Development to create these 6 videos showcasing the investment stories of 6 manufacturing companies in Scotland.

CeeD is a membership organisation with and it represents more than 400 manfuacturing companies in Scotland.

Best practice for C&D waste recycling in Ireland

We created this video for the Irish Plant Contractors Association to help them work with the Irish Government to change how waste regulations are currently enforced in Ireland.

Recycling rates for construction and demolition waste (C&D waste) in Ireland are relatively poor when compared to other EU member states.

The membership of the Irish Plant Contractors Association believe that changes in how the EU Waste Directive is enforced in Ireland would not only help increase recycling rates but would also help the construction industry to reduce emissions and construction costs by maximising the re-use of material on site.

Smiley Monroe - Cut Rubber & Plastic Parts

The video profiles the Cut Rubber & Plastic Parts service that Smiley Monroe offers customers in the crushing, screening, mining and recycling sectors.

Using text on screen along with a percussive soundtrack, this video was intended to introduce existing and new potential customers to the service.

The video was launched at the Bauma 2022 trade show in Munich, Germany and the use of text on screen as the narrative style ensures that the video will still work on a trade show booth when the volume is turned down.

Smiley Monroe is a Video as a Service customer.

Belfast Recovery College - Anna's story

This was one of a series of videos that we created for Belfast Recovery College to demonstrate the work that the college does and the impact  it has on the lives of the students of the college.

This video features Anna Kirkwood talking about some of the mental health challenges she has endured throughout her young like and how the college has helped her on the road to recovery.

There were 7 videos as part of this series and you can watch them all here.

The Port Hotel, Portaferry

Following an extensive refurbishment and rebrand (it was previously called The Portaferry Hotel) we worked with the team at The Port in Portaferry to create this video to showcase their facilities, their food offer and the surrounding area.

The video features 2 professional actors acting out an overnight stay at The Port Hotel to give visitors a feel for what they can expect when they visit themselves.

The video is to be used on the hotel website as well as across social media channels as part of both paid and organic activity to help the hotel secure bookings.

Larsen Building Products

We created this video with Larsen Building Products to be used at The Hardware Show in Dublin, Ireland on 24th and 25th April 2022.

The video featured on the trade show booth but was also constructed to ensure it was suitable for use in other promotional efforts.

The video will feature on the Larsen website and YouTube channel as well as being used as part of social media campaigns.

The video is intended as a top of sales funnel asset to build awareness of the range of products manfactured in Ireland and provide some examples of their previous project work.

365SiteConnex by McCloskey International

This video was created in late 2021 for McCloskey International to announce the launch of their new 365SiteConnex platform.

365SiteConnex allows for remote monitoring of a machine fleet wherever it is in the world through the use of GPS technology.

The system also facilitates remote diagnostics to ensure machines stay operational for as close to 100% of the time as possible.

Hybrid 6200 Truck Light by Boreman

We made this video for Boreman –  a manufacturer and distributor of truck lights and accessories in Ireland.

The video was created to promote the new Hybrid 6200 driving light and was filmed on location in County Monaghan with members of the Boreman team as well as contributions from BM Transport who kindly provided their trucks and drivers during the shoot.

TEFRA by Hill Engineering

We made this video for Hill Engineering – a Video as a Service customer – to promote the TEFRA hydraulic coupler for use on construction equipment.

Boyce Precision Engineering - Virtual Factory Tour

This video was created for Boyce Precision Engineering to showcase their facilities to international customers who could not visit their factory.

McCloskey Environmental - Brand Launch Project

McCloskey International launched an Environmental division in January 2022 and we worked with them on a package of videos in the lead up to the launch, for use on social media channels.

NcCloskey Environmental provide a range of shredders, trommels, screens and stackers to the global recycling sector.

Trailer #1

Trailer #2

McCloskey Environmental Brand Launch Video

Kiverco Corporate Video 2020

This video features footage from the Kiverco factory as well as contributions from customers to highlight their equipment and project management capability.

AW Control Systems for #ManufacturingMonthNI

AW Control Systems design and manufacture electrical control systems for a variety of industrial applications.

This video was created for #ManufacturingMonthNI in 2019 to promote careers in the manufacturing industry.

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