Watch some of our latest webinars and live streamed events

With webinars and live streaming now a part of the staple diet for a wide range of organisations we run events for our customers as well as using them extensively in our own marketing efforts.

The Future of Marketing - Top Tips: Email Marketing

A new 30 minute webinar series from The Future of Marketing launched in March 2022 with a focus in email marketing.

The webinar was hosted by Peter Craven with Simon Harper of SRH Design joining us to talk about email marketing.

Facebook LIVE with SDC Truck & Trailer Parts

Thanks to the team at SDC Truck & Trailer Parts for the opportunity to work with them on 3 x live streams from their HQ in Northern Ireland.

They were exhibiting at the Commercial Vehicle show at the NEC in Birmingham and ran 3 live streamed Facebook competitions on the 3 days of the show.

How to deal with Imposter Syndrome

As part of the LIVE series for The Future of Marketing in 2022 we welcomed Marcus Hunter Neill to talk to us about how to deal with Imposter Syndrome.

Marcus was our only guest on this episode in March 2022 as we talked about his own experiences in education and employment and how he had navigated the crippling feelings of imposter syndrome and learned to overcome them.

The Future of Marketing - Freelancing Episode

The 2022 LIVE series from The Future of Marketing started with a focus on Freelancing with Francesca Morelli of Va Va Influence and Josh McAvoy of digital animation studio, Aura.

Donaghy Bros - Live Showroom Event

Donaghy Bros hosted en event at their showroom in Northern Ireland in November 2021 and we live streamed a number of product demonstrations from the event.

The Future of Marketing LIVE 2021

The Future of Marketing is a platform developed by BlueSky Video Marketing to help those considering a career in marketing secure the right internship and get their first graduate job.

Part of the content they offer is a monthly LIVE webinar featuring marketers from a variety of sectors and skill sets taking about their careers and offering advice to those currently studying for a career in marketing.

The 2021 LIVE series featured 5 LIVE webinars and you can watch them back below.

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