International video shoots & how we can help

If you have an international video shoot to organise we can help thanks to our network of videographers across Europe, US and the Middle East.

Having worked with exporting businesses in the manufacturing sector since 2007, we have built a network of international videographers.

This allows us to source a videographer with the relevant industry experience who can carry out the video shoot for you. Following the shoot, we then look after the edit with our in-house video production team.

The service we offer covers:

  • Identification and qualification of suitable videographers for your project.
  • Equipment audit for our videographer network to assess suitability for individual projects.
  • Pre-shoot briefing of the videographer in advance of the video shoot.
  • Transfer of all footage captured on the video shoot to BlueSky Video Marketing for review and approval.
  • Securing of any required drone flight permissions.

We remain your single point of contact for the duration of the video project and it is our responsibility to ensure that the footage captured on the video shoot is of the quality required for your video project.

Over the years we have completed many international video shoots by using our own team as well as our network of international videographers.

From as far afield as the US to closer to home in continental Europe and many shoots organised across the UK and Ireland, you can be sure that we will source the right videographer for your project.

Take a look at some of the videos below to see some of the international video shoots that we have completed.

Checkproof - Stockholm, Sweden

We visited the Checkproof offices on the outskirts of Stockholm in Sweden to shoot footage for a number of video projects outlining new features for the app they have created for construction materials companies.

Smiley Monroe - Kentucky, USA

We visited a Smiley Monroe customer in Kentucky, USA to interview them about their experience of using the Smiley Monroe ZipClip replacement conveyor belt.

The service we provided involved sourcing and selecting a production partner in Kentucky and conducting all pre-shoot briefings and ongoing project discussions as the project progressed.

Smiley Monroe - Trade Show Tour 2022

This video combines footage from trade shows in India, Germany and UK to document the trade shows that Smiley Monroe exhibited at in 2022.

Citizen Ticket - North Berwick, Scotland

A project that was a little closer to home, our own production team completed this video shoot in Scotland for Citizen Ticket in collaboration with a videographer from our network of Associates.

SoakCube - Bournemouth, England

Our video production team organised this shoot for a client in Bournemouth to showcase a new product for the building industry.

If you have an international video shoot in the pipeline and you’d like to be sure that you hire the right videographer for the job then we’d be happy to help.

Our service takes the risk and uncertainty out of the process and puts all the responsibility for selecting the right videographer and managing the project on us.


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