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The Made to Grow video podcast from Flowlens has just launched its second series and the opening episode features our very own Peter Craven talking to Flowlens CEO, Rich Dale about video marketing in the manufacturing sector.

You can watch the interview below from the Flowlens YouTube channel and if you take a look below the video you’ll find a guide to the content that’s covered (and those really useful timestamps that will help you navigate to the different parts of the conversation).

To quote Rich’s pre-amble from the Linkedin article featuring the video:

“In an era where attention spans are dwindling, and the digital landscape is saturated with content, the challenge for SME manufacturers to stand out and effectively engage with their audiences is more daunting than ever.

The need for content that captures attention and supports various facets of the business – from sales processes to recruitment and customer service – is critical.

In this first episode of season two of Made To Grow, we look at how strategic video content can address these challenges head-on, transforming the way manufacturers connect with their audiences.”

Video for manufacturing businesses - chapter guides.

04:11 – The Power of Video in the Manufacturing Sector:

How video content can significantly impact engagement and business growth for manufacturers. How video marketing has evolved over the past ten years and how video fits within the typical manufacturing or B2B sales funnel.

05:20 – Enhancing Recruitment and Customer Service with Video:

Video is one of the most versatile assets and can support the sales processes, improve recruitment efforts, save time for your HR team and enhance B2B customer service experiences. Peter explains how.

08:57 – Enhancing the B2B Sales Process with Video:

How video content can contribute to a better understanding of your services, products and people and build engagement from potential buyers in the ‘dark funnel’ and disqualify leads from the funnel before they get drawn in.

12:20 – How to Find the Right Video Marketing Partner for Your Manufacturing Business:

Peter discusses how Blue Sky Video’s ‘Video as a Service’ offering evolved based on his experience as a CMO in global manufacturing firms. The importance of quality and the value of strategic planning in video marketing.

13:44 – Maximizing Value with Multi-Purpose Content:

Rich and Peter look at how manufacturing businesses can maximize their investment in video content by creating versatile assets. Peter explains the efficiency of producing multiple content pieces from a single day shoot, such as turning a customer testimonial into a series of short-form videos for different platforms, ensuring a broader reach and engagement.

20:53 – The Steps to Create a Video Marketing Campaign for Manufacturers:

Peter talks through the strategic planning and creative phases of a typical manufacturing video marketing campaign.

26:23 – YouTube for Manufacturers:

Peter Craven emphasizes the lasting value of video content on platforms like YouTube, contrasting with the ephemeral nature of content on social media channels.

30:12 – Video Content for Aftersales and Customer Service:

Peter discusses the generational shift to ‘self-serve’ customers and the importance of explainer content, FAQ focussed content and how-to guides to create a more efficient customer support team.


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