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We're making a film about the iconic Lush! in Portrush - the club night that ran for 25 years from 1996 to 2021 - and this is why.

Lush Lives closing announcement from Col Hamilton

On 19th March 2021 it was announced on Facebook that the weekly club night at Kelly’s in Portrush was no more.

This was a huge shock to all of the people that had frequented the place since it had opened its doors in January 1996 and the reaction to the closing announcement was huge.

It was this announcement that provided the spark for an idea to create a film which documented the history of Lush!

It was not only to focus on the club night and the amazing events that happened there over the course of a quarter of a century, but to tell the story of the lasting impact that Lush continues to have.

This is a personal project for our Creative Director, Peter Craven, who met his wife on the dancefloor in Lush on Valentine’s night 1998 and was a regular at the club right up until it closed (albeit slightly less frequently in the later years).

Following the announcement that Lush! was to close, Peter made the suggestion that we make a film about the place and posted it into a group on Facebook with 2,500 people who were regulars at the club.

The purpose of this was to test the water to see if there was an appetite for the film to be made – you can see the post below – and it was the immediate reaction to this that cemented the idea and allowed the planning process to start.

Lush Lives the original casting call
Lush Lives comments on the original casting call 1
Lush Lives comments on the original casting call 2
Lush Lives comments on the original casting call 3

Over the last 2 years we have had lots of conversations with people involved with Lush! – the clubbers, the bar staff, the security and the DJ’s and production has begun with a planned release date in Spring 2024.

We’re crowdfunding the project on Indiegogo and have launched the campaign. 

The DJs who feature in Lush Lives

The impact of Lush!

Whenever you speak to anyone in Northern Ireland about Lush!, the most common thing you hear is the word ‘institution’.

This is backed up by the DJs who played there and that we’ve been lucky enough to speak to so far.

This film will preserve the legacy of Lush! and allow future generations to understand how important it was to the cultural landscape in Northern Ireland and beyond.

Our commitment

We’re 100% committed to making this film – and the enthusiasm and commitment from the Lish regularts almost matches their enthusiasm on that dance floor every Saturday night for 25 years.

Up to now, everything we have done with the project has been self-financed and we’re lucky that we have the equipment, resources and talent within the BlueSky Video Marketing business to make sure this project happens.

You can rest assured that this film will launch in Spring 2024 – plans are already underway for the launch event with a guaranteed After Party featuring some of the Djs that graced the turntables in Lush!

How you can help

If you’re not able to contribute to the project but would like to lend your help, we’d appreciate anything you can do to help us spread the word.

Make use of the Indiegogo shareable links

Post details of the project on your own social media channels and within your own networks

If you’re one of the Lush! regulars who has a story to tell – get involved. We want to speak to as many of you as possible so we can tell the full Lush Lives story.