Commissioned Works

When BlueSky Video Marketing Ltd is commissioned to undertake a project for our clients we remain the first legal owner of the copyright of that work, unless stated otherwise in the contract awarded to us.

The final video file(s) that we provide to you are provided on a license basis.

In retaining the copyright on these video outputs BlueSky Video Marketing Ltd also retains the right to use these videos for marketing purposes.

Raw footage

In the process of executing our video projects we will shoot a lot of raw footage that is not subsequently used.

All used and unused footage remains the property of BlueSky Video Marketing Ltd and will not be provided to clients unless agreed as part of the original contract.

Should any client of BlueSky Video Marketing Ltd wish to obtain these files for their own use after the initial contract has been agreed there will be an additional license charge. This will be determined on a case by case basis and factors such as the volume of footage and the intended use for that footage will be taken into consideration.

Should BlueSky Video Marketing Ltd agree to license this footage for further use by a client, copyright and ownership of this footage remains with BlueSky Video Marketing Ltd.

By providing raw footage in line with the policy outlined above BlueSky Video Marketing does not transfer ownership of said footage to the client.

Footage shot by employees

All footage shot by employees of BlueSky Video Marketing Ltd remains the property of BlueSky Video Marketing Ltd.

All footage shot by sub-contractors to BlueSky Video Marketing Ltd in the execution of video projects remains the property of BlueSky Video Marketing Ltd