Localised video marketing for Credit Unions

We work with Credit Unions to help them grow their membership, deposits and loan book as well as attracting young members with localised video marketing campaigns for use across social media channels.

In this article we will show you some of the work that we are doing with Termonmaguirk Credit Union to use video to promote the Credit Union to the local community.

While the Irish League of Credit Unions provide a lot of support to the Credit Union membership in Ireland, this activity is largely focused on building awareness of the services offered by all Credit Unions.

The nature of the Credit Union network means that for each Credit Union, there is a need to communicate regularly with the local communities that they represent.

We are currently working on a Video as a Service project with Termonmaguirk Credit Union to build a library of marketing assets that can be used to facilitate these localised conversations with their community about the work they do and how they support the local community.

This project involves the creation of a number of different marketing materials for the Credit Union:

  1. Videos for their website & YouTube channel
  2. Videos for their social media channels
  3. Testimonial graphics for use on social media channels
  4. A content release schedule to ensure consistent communication with their membership and potential new members of the Credit Union

The first part of this project involved the creation of 6 ‘Meet the Team’ videos which profiled the individual members of the Termonmaguirk Credit Union team.

As well as the widescreen versions for use on the website and YouTube channel, we also created square versions with embedded captions for use on social media.

Termonmaguirk Credit Union has an large and engaged following from their local community on Facebook, so the videos we created were optimised for success on Facebook.

  1. Square format – as the majority of Facebook users are on a mobile device, the square formart works best as it takes up more room on the screen and is therefore harder to ignore. 
  2. Embedded captions – the square format allows us to embed the captions on the video to ensure that the content is accessible for those viewers who may have a hearing impairment. It also caters for the +80% of social media users who watch video with the sound off.


You can see some examples of the square format for these videos below.

The work we are doing with Termonmaguirk Credit Union will see us create more content in the months ahead including:

  1. Content focusing on the loan rebate scheme and how this works for members
  2. Specific product promotions for loans offered by the Credit Union
  3. Showcasing their role as a valuable supporter of the local community


If you’d like to find out more about the customised video marketing campaigns that we offer for Credit Unions then get in touch.