Project Focus: S&E Care Trade – Company Profile

We worked with S&E Care Trade to create a company profile video that walks the viewer through the various products and services that they offer their customers in the care sector across Ireland.

S&E CareTrade, with over 25 years of experience, offers a broad spectrum of products and solutions to the healthcare sector. Their offerings range from consumables, furniture, and medical equipment to an online buying platform for tracking purchases and costs. They also provide weekly deliveries, online service reports, equipment repair tracking, and certified training. The company is known for its quality, customer service, and competitive pricing.

About S&E Care Trade

S&E CareTrade offers a wide range of products including consumables, furniture, and medical equipment.

How can I keep track of my purchases with S&E CareTrade?
You can use their online buying and budget management platform to keep track of purchases with real-time costs history, favorites lists, and reports.
What services does CareServ, the online portal of S&E CareTrade, provide?
CareServ allows you to access service reports and certificates, track and trace the progress of equipment repairs, all carried out by their team of specialist engineers.
What does the Ramblegard division of S&E CareTrade specialise in?
The Ramblegard division specializes in full prevention and monitoring systems.
How does S&E CareTrade handle deliveries?
S&E CareTrade does all deliveries themselves using their own drivers. They have five Sprinter vans and two lorries on the road. Their drivers build relationships with customers and know exactly where the goods have to be put on site.
What is the benefit of choosing S&E CareTrade as a provider?

The benefit of choosing S&E CareTrade is that they aim to be a one-stop shop, offering a wide range of products and delivering exceptional customer service on a regular basis.


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