Project Focus: Donaghy Bros Delivery Service

Donaghy Bros operate a number of retail showrooms as well as an E-Commerce business that offers free delivery across Ireland and the UK.

Donaghy Bros have retail showrooms in Kilrea and Limavady, Northern Ireland but also operate a large e-commerce business.

Their products are sent all over Ireland and the UK and they are competing with. some big players – Currys and Amazon being two of these.

One of the big benefits of dealing with Donaghy’s is their free delivery service and we made this video with them to help make more people aware of this aspect of their service.

The video features Donaghy Bros team members talking directly to the customer about their service and also features a variety of footage shot using drones and ground cameras to demonstrate the coverage that they have.

We shot on site at the Donaghy Bros showroom and warehouse as well as on location in a number of locations across Ireland to show products being delivered to homes across Ireland.