Video: Is YouTube a part of your content marketing strategy?

YouTube is the undisputed king when it comes to hosting online video and some of the user research shows the size of the opportunity for exists when you have a solid YouTube Video Marketing Strategy in place

Have a look at this short animation we created to illustrate why a YouTube Video Marketing Strategy is an essential part of content marketing.

Some of the key highlights are below:

  • YouTube has¬†1.8 billion logged in users every month
  • There are more than¬†5 billion videos watched every day¬†on YouTube
  • There is¬†400 hours of new video uploaded to YouTube every minute¬†– that’s 576,000 hours every day
  • The infographic below from Statista shows how¬†YouTube users come from every age group¬†at staggering levels


YouTube Users by age from Statista


  • While our attention spans on social media continue to fall,¬†the average session watch time¬†for videos¬†on YouTube is 40 minutes
  • Latest figures show that the¬†70% of video views¬†on YouTube now come¬†from mobile devices
  • Watch time¬†for videos on YouTube¬†has grown at 60% each year¬†for the last 2 years


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