Turn your customer reviews into a video

Customer Testimonials are a tried and tested way of passing the trust test with potential new customers – but getting your clients to commit to appear on camera can be hard. But don’t worry – there is a solution.

We’ve all been there – you ask a customer would they do a testimonial video and they say yes.

Your initial joy is soon dampened as you begin the joyful task of trying to coordinate diaries, prepare interview questions.

Let’s face it – it’s just not as high up your customer’s priority list as it is yours.

But don’t let that stop you.

Of course, getting your customer on camera telling all who watch that your product or service does exactly what it says on the tin is hard to beat when it comes to supercharging your lead generation efforts.

But there’s also another way.

No doubt you’ve already got a number of customer testimonials on your website that have already been approved.

No doubt you’ve already got some existing video footage or even photography from previous projects.

So combine the 2 and you’ve got everything you need to create a testimonial video featuring a variety of testimonials from different customers.

The new video asset can then be used on your social channels or as part of paid social media advertising, YouTube advertising campaigns or on the landing pages for some of your paid search campaigns to increase conversion rates and lower your cost per acquisition

(if you want to know about this then check out this Thinking by Google article from August 2019 which demonstrated that video is being used by consumers at every stage of the customer journey.)