Our latest project: Interview People Online

Interview People Online is a platform for online interviews that reduces time to fill, reduces the admin burden of HR processes and reduces overall recruitment costs.

The Interview People Online system allows you to send candidates directly from the ‘apply now’ button to an online interview that they can complete at a time and place that suits them.

The platform is targeted at anyone involved in the recruitment sector, whether they be recruitment agencies looking to add another string to their bow or in-house HR and Talent Acquisition teams looking for ways to make their recruitment processes more efficient.

For this video project we decided to focus on the current pain points in the recruitment process and used 2 characters to show how the recruitment process currently worked versus the changes that people could enjoy if they implemented the Interview People Online platform.

We focused on 2 people involved in in-house hiring decisions – the busy HR Manager and the new recruit’s line manager.

The storyboard looked at what happens at each stage of a recruitment process from applications closing through candidate screening.

It then presents the Interview People Online platform as the solution to these problems.

This was the first in a package of videos that we completed for Interview People Online and we’ll be publishing the 2nd video in the series next week.

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