A month in video – July 2022

There’s a lot going on with video marketing.

Formatting for different channels, long form versus short form video, storytelling, engagement metrics.

We spend a lot of time checking up on the latest tips and trends so we can continue to produce content that converts for our customers – and rather than keep all of that to ourselves we thought we’d share the best of what we come across to help you with your own video marketing efforts.


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The best of July 2022

It’s been a tough job to find the best 4 articles to share here – and this month has seen a big focus on the resources available from Think by Google.

What do people really want from video content?

It’s a great question to ask when thinking about your video marketing efforts.

This article summarises the results from an extensive survey done by Google and others to find out what content is winning at the minute – and why.

There’s a big focus on the importance of storytelling and also why humans are a key success factor in your video marketing efforts. 


Mastering the art of storytelling

Who doesn’t want to do that?

Even if video isn’t on your radar at the minute there’s some great advice in here for whatever creative campaign you’re working on.

This article deals specifically with storytelling on YouTube – but the advice is transferable in so many ways.

Apparently success with your video marketing efforts is just as easy as A,B,C,D.

Ok – so it’s never just as straightforward as that but there is some very useful advice in here about how to structure your video for the best chance of success.

When it comes to video, there are few that have access to as much data as Google / YouTube – so when they talk, we tend to listen.

A great part of this article is how they show a practical example of how an ad can be created using the ABCD framework – which makes it much easier to understand how you could apply it to your own video marketing efforts.

How to hook viewer attention in YouTube ads

Following on from the ABCD focus of the previous article, this one focuses attention on the first 3 seconds of your video.

In order to get people to continue watching, you’ve got to create a compelling opening to your video.

While the subject of the article and video is YouTube ads, the advice given is worth a read for whatever video project you’re working on.

Given the increased competition for attention because of the volume of content on social media channels, whether you’re creating a 6 second bumper ad or a long form customer case study, it’s worth paying attention to the opening few seconds of your video to make sure you give the viewer a reason to keep watching.

There’s a little bit of duplication of information with the previous article – but this time it’s presented in a ver easy to follow 5 minute “how to” video format.

4 video marketing lessons from award winning UK campaigns

As anyone who has looked at our portfolio will know – we love a good case study.

So it’s not a surprise that this article was right up our street.

While the previous articles are great in the way they give you a structure for success – the 4  examples in this article show how some companies have actually achieved success with their video marketing campaigns.

The article covers 4 different methods of achieving success:

  1. Sequential campaigns (Sheba cat food targeting cat owners)
  2. Combining Google search & YouTube (Littlewoods Ireland),
  3. Testing and tailoring messaging based on intent (Avon)
  4. YouTube + Connected TV for getting to hard to reach users (Motorway).

Project Focus

Since we’re talking about a month in video we thought we’d include one of our most recent projects.

This one was a bit of a departure for us – we haven’t done a huge amount of work in the hospitality and tourism sector – but it’s one we really enjoyed working on.

It hits on a number of the points from the articles included above — particularly around storytelling, making sure the viewer can see themselves in the characters featured and also trying to evoke that intellectually, emotionally and sensorally stimulating piece of content.

This video was created for The Port Hotel in Portaferry, Northern Ireland to help them showcase their facilities, their food and the surrounding area after they went through a rebrand and refurbishment project over the winter.

Hit the button to visit the hotel website and check out when you can visit.

That’s all for the July 2022 review – I hope you found all of that info useful and have got some ideas about how you can introduce some of these concepts into your next video project.

Until next time – we’ll keep searching (aren’t Google Alerts great?).