A month in video – July 2023

This month we were learning about how to Attract, Engage and Retain your best people through effective video marketing.

How do we increase applications to our jobs?

How do we reduce time to fill?

How do we keep our best people?

These questions have been at the top of our list in the month of July and, thankfully, we might have an answer. 

Using video in your recruitment strategy has been proven to drive more applications, reduce the time to fill and increase retention rates.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as getting your CEO to beg on camera for 60 seconds!


People are 40% more likely to apply to a job if they are familiar with a company or brand (Glassdoor). You need to get your company out there and let the public know what you do, how your product or service helps others and the story of your company.

Last year, we collaborated with Smiley Monroe to produce this video to spread the word about what they stand for and their ambitions.

The employees loved working with us and adding their own creative touch and Tim Monroe said “We’ve just had our highest click through rate ever” shortly after releasing the video.

Producing an “Our Story” video for your company will make your company more familiar to the public and may mean that eligible young graduates search your business first before they search Indeed or LinkedIn.


Once people have found your company and your job posting and are currently thinking “That looks like a place I’d like to work”, it’s important to change the information provided to the potential candidates.

People will now be thinking, “What’s it like to work there?” and “Do the current employees enjoy their job?”.

This is where “Day in the life” videos can be very effective at presenting the absolute best bits of working at your organisation.

Of course, it’s important to show the actual job role but people want to see the social events like the canteen conversations and the Christmas parties as well!

Videos such as this one that we produced for bBold give people a glimpse of what working for you is like creates demand for the open job roles you are promoting. But what happens next?


Career changes can bring about uncertainty and doubts and it’s your job as a candidates future employer to silence those doubts ensure that you don’t get a “Thanks, but no thanks” email, 1 week before their start date!

An additional piece of content from you could be the thing that seals the deal and ensures that all those heartfelt “We’ll miss you” cards and presents from their current colleagues doesn’t make them second guess this big decision.

A short message from their soon-to-be colleagues, a welcome message from their new line manager or even a brief outline of what their first week/month will look like, is guaranteed to make the candidate more comfortable with the decision they’ve made and ignore the doubting voices.

Receiving a video, such as this one that we produced for Scileads, will make it difficult for candidates to say “No” as it shows that you truly care about their future. 


Now you’ve got them, how do you keep them?

It’s estimated that to replace a salaried employee it can cost, on average, between 6-9 months’ salary, so it is always better to retain than replace.

There are lots of ways of using video to make employees feel that they are still in the right job including videos showcasing your culture, values and purpose, development and training videos to improve employee skills and fun, celebratory videos.

Of course, the latter of these is the most fun to make as you probably noticed in the 2021 Smiley Monroe Christmas video above but the others are just as important.

You can take it right back to A-Level business with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs where basically, employees must be satisfied in 5 key ares to be satisfied in their job; physiological needs, safety needs, love and belonging needs, esteem needs, and self-actualisation needs.

bluesky video marketing agency team in belfast

The video above is a perfect example of how you can showcase your company’s culture, values and purpose and get your employees involved to have fun! Want to see more? Click the link below to view our full showcase of recruitment marketing videos:

Recruitment Videos Showcase on Vimeo

While video isn’t the only answer, our experience with video for recruitment marketing over the last 15 years tells us that it is definitely part of the solution.

If you want to use video to improve your recruitment strategy, you can book a call with Peter using the button below.