Customer Conversations – Video as a Service

We sat down with 3 of our customers to talk about how they use our Video as a Service product and what their experience of working with us was like.

Video as a Service is a way of embedding video into your everyday marketing communications in a way that spreads the cost across your budget cycles and gets you better content and better results.

But it’s easy for us to say that – so we decided that we’d invite 3 of our customers to join us for a conversation about their experience of Video as a Service.

And we recorded it.

Have a look at the videos below to find out what they had to say.

Our 3 customers who feature in the videos are

An exceptional customer experience

Our Vision is to be the best video production and marketing agency in Ireland through a focus on content that converts and an exceptional customer experience.

So we asked our 3 customers what their experience had been when working with us on their Video as a Service projects.

A partnership approach

When we launched Video as a Service in January 2021 we had an idea that working with customers on their content over a prolonged period would help us all to achieve better results.

As we get to know your business better, the flow of new content ideas is streamlined, as is the work involved in creating the final video assets.

Better content, better results.

That’s what we hoped for.

This is what our 3 customers said about their experience of working with us.

Video content planning

When we’re starting the content planning process for Video as a Service we begin by finding out what are the big opportunities that you are trying to unlock or challenges that you need to overcome.

We then figure out what videos we could make that would help you achieve those objectives.

This ensures that all the content we create is linked directly to a business critical issue – whether that be sales, recruitment, brand awareness, customer service or internal communications.

The impact of Video as a Service

The 3 customers featured in these videos had been Video as a Service users for 2 years and had recently renewed their packages for another 12 months.

We wanted to know what their initial reaction was when we introduced them to Video as a Service and what they felt about it now having been a customer for 2 years.

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