Service Focus: Event & Trade Show Video Marketing

Video can be used as part of your trade show, conference and event marketing plan to help maximise the return on your marketing investment.

You can use pre-show, at-show or post-show video content.

Pre-show video content

This can be used to help build awareness of your involvement at the event.

  1. Teaser content for your product or service launches
  2. Meet the booth team – short interviews with the people who will be working on your trade show booth
  3. Promote special events that you are hosting on your booth to help gather attendee details

By gathering attendee information before the event you now have the opportunity to contact these people after the show.

We all go to trade shows and events with a list of booths that we want to visit – and we always come home having not made it to a few of them.

Your pre-show event marketing activity can help you capture the details of all the visitors with an interest in your product and service, allowing you to set up a remarketing campaign after the event to maximise the potential return from your marketing investment.

Example project:

We created this video for conveyor belt manufacturers, Smiley Monroe for use in advance of their appearance at the IFAT trade show for the environmental sector in Germany.

Smiley Monroe at IFAT Munich

At-Show Video Content

Moving image content helps to grab the attention of visitors to. trade show as they move past your booth.

That’s one of the main reasons why you see so many exhibitors using video and animation on their booths.

Once you’ve grabbed the attention of the trade show visitors and they have stopped in the aisle, it’s over to your booth team to qualify their interest and (hopefully) capture their details to help you hit your enquiry targets.

Example projects:

Here are some examples of video content we have created for our customers for use at the trade shows, events and conferences that they attend as part of their marketing efforts.

Larsen Building Products at The Hardware Show, Dublin
Hill Engineering at Hillhead 2022

Post-show Video Content

Once the curtain comes down on your trade show it’s only then that the real work begins.

How can you turn all that positivity and enthusiasm for your products and services into the new business that is essential if you can call the event a success?

Getting in touch with the people who have visited your booth at your trade show, conference or event can be really difficult as people return to their busy day jobs.

By creating post-show video content you can increase the potential for your sales team to get to have that important post-show conversation that is the first step to winning new business and generating the return on your marketing investment you need in order for all the effort to be worthwhile.

There are several different ways you can use video in your post-show marketing efforts:

  1. Highlights videos – create some FOMO by showing those who visited how positive others were about your products and services.
  2. Short testimonial videos – these can be used on YouTube, social media channels, your website and as part of your email marketing campaigns. Your customers will rarely be as positive about your company or your products and services as when they are standing on your booth at a trade show. By capturing this you can increase the response rates that your sales team will get to their post-show marketing activity.
  3. Personalised video messages – short videos featuring your sales team addressing content directly to visitors to your booth.
  4. “How it works” videos – give visitors to your booth a closer look at the products and services that they have expressed an interest in.

Example projects:

These are some examples of the post-show video marketing content we have created for our customers

CEED Awards 2022 at The Hilton Glasgow
The Smiley Monroe World Tour 2022

Anyone for whom trade shows, conferences and events form an important part of your tactical marketing efforts understands the work and investment that goes into to successfully executing these activities.

By using video as part of your trade show, conference or event marketing efforts you can maximise the return on your marketing investment.

If you’d like to talk about how we can help you with your video marketing efforts get in touch today.