Watch it back – Influencer Marketing

Our 5th webinar of 2022 focused on Influencer Marketing and our two guests were:

As well as Emma’s job with New Life Teeth she also works as an influencer herself on Instagram with a focus on fashion.

In the webinar we talk about how this experience has helped now that she is working on setting up and managing influencer marketing campaigns for New Life Teeth.

We also talk about New Life Teeth being sponsors of Miss Northern Ireland 2022 and the opportunities that this is creating through their work with the contestants.

Our 2nd guest, Jolene Kelly spoke to us about the growth of Fetch Ireland – a platform that helps organisations connect with a community of influencers to work on campaigns.

The Fetch platform is one of a number of similar platforms that have developed as a result of the growth of influencer marketing. 

The platform makes it easier to find the right influencers to work with at the outset but also facilitates the technical and logistical elements of executing a successful influencer marketing campaign.

This was our 5th webinar of 2022 and you can catch up with previous episodes at one of the links below: