Win more customers with a software demo video

When you're selling software, the problem with signing people up for demos is that it ties up your sales team with people who aren't ready to buy your product yet.

We’ve been working with software companies on their video marketing efforts for the last 6 years and in that time we’ve learned a lot about their sales process and where the bottlenecks are.

A recurring theme is the demos that they encourage their customers to sign up for.

For many software companies, this is a key part of their sales process – there are very few of us who haven’t seen the ‘sign up for a free demo‘ call to action on the websites of software companies.

On the face of it, a potential customer signing up for a demo is a really positive thing – your website or social media activity has done enough to encourage them to think that your software might be the solution they need to whatever problem they are having.

One problem is that not as many people as you would like are signing up to the demos – and that could be down to the level of commitment that you are asking them to make at this stage of the process.

You may have done enough to convince them that your software might be a solution to their problem – but are they in a place where blocking out 30 or 60 minutes of their time for a 1-2-1 call with your sales team is the obvious next step?

Maybe a lower touch call to action would be more effective?

One of the other big downsides of signing customers up for 1-2-1 demos with your sales team is the proportion of their time that is spent delivering demos.

If your conversion rates aren’t what you’d like them to be – then the only solution is to grow your sales team to a point where you can keep delivering more and more 1-2-1 demos of your products.

Or – you could try and do something to give your sales team some valuable time back and allow them to focus on the customers most likely to convert.

That’s what we have done with a number of our customers in the software and technology space and it’s very easy to do.

Instead of your potential customers signing up for a 1-2-1 demo in response to your website content or social media activity, they are instead given the option of watching a short video which outlines the key features of your product and helps to move your potential customer closer to the point where a 1-2-1 demo is the next step in the process.


Thrive software demo videos by bluesky video marketing - Features video

This video was created for Thrive. app.

Thrive has developed an employee engagement app and the sales team was spending a lot of time delivering the same demo to a lot of potential customers.

This video allowed Thrive to qualify customers in advance of the 1-2-1 demo – meaning that the sales team were spending time on demos with the potential that were most likely to convert.

Flowlens - Features video

Flowlens is a CRM & MRP system designed for small to medium equipment and device manufacturers.

The ‘sign up for a demo’ call to action was leading to a lot of people who were not a good fit for the Flowlens product signing up for demos and taking up a lot of the sales team’s time.

This meant that the really good potential new customers who signed up for a demo were having to wait too long before a member of the Flowlens team was able to get to speak to them.

This features video allowed them to show potential customers the key features and workings of their software without taking up the time of the sales team unnecessarily.

If you’re a software company and you would like to win more customers without having to recruit more sales people, then a demo video for your software might be worth thinking about.

  • Prequalify website visitors before they take up the valuable time of your sales team
  • Increased conversion rates
  • A more valuable use of your sales team’s time – focusing on the opportunities most likely to convert
  • Reduces friction in the sales process by adopting a lower touch approach – until the time is right for your team to get involved
  • Additional marketing content that allows you to promote the features and benefits of your product to a wider audience.

If that sounds like something you’d like to explore then drop us a message and we can set a quick call up to discuss the process and design a video asset best suited for you and your business.

Flowlens and are both Video as a Service customers.

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