#LockdownLessons – Episode 5 with Dorcas Crawford

How do you maintain a great company culture when everyone is suddenly forced to work from home?

That’s one of the questions we asked Dorcas Crawford, Senior Partner at Edwards & Co Solicitors in Belfast for the latest episode of #LockdownLessons

We filmed this episode with Dorcas Crawford at the Edwards & Co offices in Belfast.

Edwards & Co has always had a great company culture – and they’re a bunch that loves to be in the company of other humans.

With that in mind we were keen to explore how they had been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the change to how their business had to operate.

Dorcas talks about the initial feelings when they first had to send everyone home in March 2020 as well as outlining the effort and commitment required in order to maintain that team culture.

Edwards & Co are the hosts of #BelfastHour on Twitter (9pm to 10pm Thursday) and we were the featured business on 4th Feb 2020 for the launch of this video.

You can connect with Dorcas on Twitter and Linkedin.