Add some authenticity to your client testimonials with video

Let’s face it, most of your testimonials have been written by your marketing team and very quickly signed off by your customers. Video is a great way to make your client testimonials much more authentic – and believable.

I’ve been that soldier – trying to get that latest customer testimonial for your website and you just can’t get it closed. So you draft something yourself, send it over by email and thankfully your customer signs it off.

Now don’t me wrong – there is still value in that testimonial. Your customer would not have signed it off it they weren’t happy with the product or service that you supplied them with.

But here’s the thing…

Our other potential customers have bever been so marketing savvy. Chances are they’ve been asked to provide a testimonial for an existing supplier and have done exactly the same thing.

So think about the power that getting one of your customers on video for your next testimonial will have.

It not only makes you stand out from the crowd by using video instead of the standard text beside a photo of your customer.

It also deals with the fact that people don’t want to read anything when they are online any more – video content is everywhere and very soon it’s going to dominate all of our time on the internet.

So how about working on a few video testimonials?