My latest video project: CDE launch event video

I worked with CDE to create a number of videos to be used at an event launching their latest project allowing them to focus on 5 specific areas of expertise. This video was used as the opening sequence at the event.

The aim with this video was to grab the attention of the gathered audience and present to them to context that has led to the company’s decision to focus on 5 distinct areas of specialisation.

The video uses dramatic, cinematic music and a variety of transition and motion graphic effects to present the story to the audience in combination with specific footage of CDE projects.

The video also uses stock footage from a variety of sources which can be a very useful way of reducing the time and cost involved in producing videos like this.

This was just one of a number of videos that was created for the event – the remaining videos will be available to share once the official external announcement of the positioning project takes place in early 2018.