Now is the time for The Future of Marketing: Part 1

The Future of Marketing: Part 1 is a new event for marketing professionals who want to clear the fog, reduce the noise and find out how to navigate a path to success in the new world of opportunity that is in front of us all.

The speed of technological change, the speed of global development, the floods of data now at our fingertips and our insatiable appetite for more has created a modern marketing landscape full of opportunity.

But with this opportunity comes a huge challenge.

How do we structure our teams?

How do we define and measure success?

How do we move from a tactical focus to the strategic focus that will see marketing take its seat at the boardroom table?

With so many tools at our disposal how do we figure out what channels in what combination will deliver the results we need?

It is these questions that we will seek to answer at The Future of Marketing: Part 1.

If you’re currently working in marketing or communications and would like to clear the fog, reduce the noise and navigate a path to success in this new world then The Future of Marketing is the event for you.

A combination of real life case studies from businesses like yours and interactive discussion sessions and workshops with your peers ensures you make the most of the opportunity that The Future of Marketing presents.

Our content has been curated under 7 key themes

  1. The Future of Data
  2. The Future of Marketing Teams
  3. The Future of Customer Experience 
  4. The Future of Video Marketing
  5. The Future of Automation
  6. The Future of PR
  7. The Future of Boardrooms

Book your tickets today to join us for what we hope is the start of something very special.