Build credibility with testimonial videos

Testimonials remain one of the most powerful tools in a marketers armoury – and video gives you the opportunity to add a level of authenticity that simple text on your website fails to do.

How many of your customer testimonials on your website or in your sales presentations were written by someone on your team and simply signed off by the customer?

They’re still a genuine representation of the work you’ve done for that customer – ottherwise they wouldn’t have signed it off – but there’s something missing.


We’re dealing with an audience that is more marketing savy than they have ever been – so it’s essential that the content we deliver strikes a chord with them.

That’s why video testimonials can be an extremely powerful tool for your business.

There is no denying the authenticity of the message as your customer has put themselves on camera to voice their satisfaction with the product or service that you have provided.

If you’d like to introduce vudeo testimonials into your video marketing strategy then get in touch.