Latest Project: Corechex – Paperless Inspection App

Our latest project involved the creation of a testimonial video for Corechex to promote the paperless inspection app they have developed.

Corechex is a company based in Toomebridge, Northern Ireland and they have developed a paperless inspection app that can be used across a wide range of industries and applications to improve business efficieny and reduce costs.

Our brief was to produce a video which helped to show the versatility of the app across different sectors.

After initial conversations we agreed that showing a range of customers from different sectors would be the best way of showing this versatility and would make the story more engaging and authentic.

Three customers were selected to feature in the video:

  1. Recon Waste Management in Portadown, Northern Ireland
  2. Ashview Consultants in Newry, Northern Ireland
  3. Springwell Construction in Randalstown, Northern Ireland

Recon Waste Management are using the app for pre-start vehicle inspections and since its introduction have noticed a 90% increase in the inspection rate of vehicles and machinery. This in turn leads to improved health & safety on site and reduced vehcile maintenance costs as a result of problems being identified much earlier than was previously the case.

Ashview Consultants is using the app to assist with the health & safety audits that they carry out on the construction projects they monitor for their clients. They are benfiting from the immediacy of report generation – with 10 auditors managing multiple audits at any one time there was a delay in creating the report from their site visits prior to the introduction of the Corechex app. They are now able to issue reports as they leave the site and have also eliminated the costly double handling of paperwork.

Springwell Construction have a maintenance contract with Translink and use the app to log new maintenane jobs and distribute these efficiently to their on the road service teams. This has improved traceability in relation to the projects they are involved with and the resulting increase in visibility of project status means they are now able to get paid more quickly than was previously the case.

The video also features Corechex General Manager, Emma Begley explaining how they work to continue to develop app functionality and work with their customers to ensure the system is designed specifically for their workflow to ensure ease of adoption.

Getting your customers to tell the story of the impact your product or service has had on their business is a very powerful way of proving to potential new customers that your product does exactly what it says on the tin – if you’d like to talk about how you can make these videos work for you then get in touch.