Free Guide: How to set up a YouTube Video Advertising Campaign

YouTube Video Advertising Campaigns allow you to combine the power of PPC or Search Engine Marketing and Video to maximise the return on your marketing investment.

YouTube video advertising remains a relatively untapped opportunity for most businesses and when it comes to trying to understand how to go about setting campaigns up it can get very confusing.

What we’ve done is pulled together all the information that you really need to know and created one simple, straightforward guide to everything you need to know about setting up a Youtube Video Advertising campaign.

In the article we look at

  1. All of the different types of Youtube Video Advertising campaigns that you can set up

  2. What video assets you’ll need to create

  3. How you’ll be charged

  4. Where your video ads will appear

  5. How you can use existing video content in your Youtube Video Advertising campaign

  6. How you can start small and trial a low risk, low cost Youtube Video Advertising campaign with potential to yield big returns


If you’ve been considering a YouTube Video Advertising campaign then our free guide will help you figure out how you can get started.

If you haven’t yet considered a video advertising campaign on YouTube then this guide should convince you that it’s something to consider as part of your search engine marketing / PPC activity.


free youtube video advertising guide