Latest Project: Magic Beans – helping you to grow your business

We worked with the team at Magic Beans on a number of videos for use on their website and across social channels to build trust in their capability, allow them to show their personalities and act as a tool to generate new enquiries.

When we first spoke to the team at Magic Beans they were keen to develop a package of videos that would not only let people know more about the services that they provide, but give viewers a feel for the personalities in the business and the expertise that they bring.

Magic Beans offer small businesses access to the kind of expertise usually reserved for those organisations who employ an internal finance manager at a fraction of the cost through their subscription model.

Given the nature of the business it was important that we demonstrated that Magic Beans was a safe pair of hands – they could be trusted to look after your business finances. 

With this in minds we focused the script and storyboard development on the individual expertise of the Magic Beans team – which is very comprehensive.

Anyone that has met the team at Magic Beans – and in particular the co-founders, Clare Galloway and Sharon Brown – will tell you that it doesn’t feel that you’re sitting down with accountants.

This was an important part of the story too – they aren’t what you expect and they are a breath of fresh air to the traditional accountancy offer. They’ve identified as part of their growth story that this appeals to people so it was essential that we were able to capture this as part of the project.

With that in mind we sert about designing a package of videos that was very much focused on the two elements of expertise and personality.

The video above was the first in the package and features Clare and Sharon outlining their individual experience as well as the job that Magic Beans does for their customers.

We also created 4 more videos which profiled the individual members of the Magic Beans team and you can view those at the Showcase page below.

Magic Beans Showcase on Vimeo