So how do you make videos that help you sell more?

It’s a question that we hear a lot – and one that we ask ourselves even more. And thanks to those lovely people at YouTube you don’t need to guess. Read on to find out why…

The video from just happens to be my personal favourite from the list – and that’s part of the problem right?

The videos that we react to are different depending on what we’re looking for, where we are, what mood we’re in.

It’s all so subjective – so internal conversations about the kind of videos that we need to make can be a painful process.

But the good news is we don’t have to rely on these subjective opinions any more – I’m sure some of you hate that video from

youtube video advertising bluesky video marketingTrueview for Action is a specific type of video advertising campaign from YouTube / Google which is designed to maximise engagement and lead generation – which is what most of us are after isn’t it?

The YouTube leaderboards are a ‘go to’ for us to stay on top of the latest trends with video and find out how we can introduce new ideas, storytelling techniques and design ideas into our videos.

One of these leaderboards from December 2018 takes a look at these ‘Trueview for Action’ campaigns and gives us the top 10 performing videos for 2018.

With more than 1.9 billion monthly active users YouTube has access to the kind of data that most of us can only dream of – so when they speak about what videos are working best to help people sell more then it’s more than likely worth a listen.

Ok – so we’ll get to the point soon.

What are the Top 10 YouTube Trueview for Action videos from 2018?

There’s a broad range of products and video styles but we’ve looked at all of them and these are some trends that we can see:

Humans rule 

video advertising bluesky video marketingIn the vast majority of the videos the focus is on the human problem being solved or opportunity being unlocked. And it won’t come as a surprise that these videos tend to feature real human beings.

In fact, the only 2 videos in the top 10 that were purely animation driven were both for online gaming – and that’s the product right? So that makes perfect sense.

But when you’re trying to appeal to real humans (and I guess most of us are?) then it seems that nothing beats showing real people interacting with whatever it is that you’re selling.

Animation & Motion Graphics compliment live action

Animation still has a place – a very valuable place. But maybe it’s not the whole focus any more?

How many more animated explainer videos for tech products do we all have to watch?

Speed it up

videos to help you sell more bluesky video marketingDon’t worry about your audiences ability to process information quickly – one of the very noticeable things from most of the videos in the top 10 list is the speed at which they move.

It’s OK to have a personality

The great thing about the video for me is that it’s pretty light hearted – but still very focused on the pain it removes for people.

As a Project Management tool it would have been very easy to produce a dry, corporate ad – but they haven’t.

And 55 million views since it was published says its working – as does making the Top 10 list (it’s number 2 overall) which is earned by engagements and clicks through to the demo booking page.

You can find out what other videos are in the Top 10 by hitting the link below:

YouTube Trueview for Action Video Leaderboard 2018