Let’s have a look at social video trends to be expected in 2020. Videos being created for social media are on a rise in both popularity and usefulness. No matter what stage of embracing social video you are at, there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of video in the coming year.

Wibbitz shares 7 of the top video and social media marketing trends for 2020:*

Video-first platforms

Video is ranking higher than any other type of media post on social networks. It’s not hard to see why since video naturally encourages engagement from viewers. On top of that there are more and more video focused apps on the market every day. TikTok, Lasso and byte are a few examples.

Segmented video formatting

Optimising videos to meet the needs of individual social media platforms, as well as mobile devices, will continue to be one of the most important content marketing strategies. Squared and vertical videos that are platform-specific, enhance viewer experiences. Not to mention, they visually stand out in social media feeds.

Scaling video production

As the demand for videos and social media are on the rise, the need for in-house production will increase. Covering industry trends will also help you stand out amongst your competitors.

Targeting infinity groups

Creating videos that communicate specific messages to targeted groups of people on social media channels is a great way to boost your marketing investments. Incorporating video into your digital strategy will become increasingly important.

Emphasising graphic identities

Brand image has always been important. But in 2020, businesses will need to ensure they are taking the right steps towards adopting video as part of their online graphic branding. This includes using consistent branded templates for social media posts.

Video distribution control

Native hosting and embedded video will increasingly be a significant aspect of marketing trends in 2020. With the average consumer’s waxing and waning trust of social media platforms, it’s still important for businesses to have an online presence.

More 1:1 communication

We’ll be seeing more usage of personalise videos to communicate with customers. One-on-one will support response methods with businesses being able to stay in tough through consumers’ buying phases.

So, make sure to stay ahead of the curve and incorporate video marketing strategies in your business.

Source: “7 Social video trends we expect to see more of in 2020” by Wibbitz.