What Harley Davidson can teach us about video marketing

In a simple video Harley Davidson demonstrate that they really understand their customers – who they are, what’s important to them and more importantly, what is it that makes them want to buy a Harley.

Harley Davidson sell motorbikes right?


They’re selling freedom.

Anyone who’s seen their ‘Living by it’ video from a number of years ago will understand.

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet it’s included for your enjoyment.

But what does it teach us about video marketing?

It’s actually more than that – what does it teach us about marketing?

For me, the genius of this video is that the lines are blurred between whether it’s the company talking to us or the army of dedicated followers that Harley Davidson has built up.

And how have they built this army?

What’s clear from the video is that they really understand their customers – who aren’t buying the bike. They’re buying the lifestyle that comes with being an owner of a Harley Davidson bike.

They’re signing up to the set of values that defines Harley Davidson fans.

The bike is simply how this army of followers express these values to the world around them.

And that’s where the genius lies.

That can’t be copied.

The personality that Harley Davidson put across in the video is their very own and it allows their customers to make the kind of emotional connections with the brand that are very difficult to break.

But they’re Harley Davidson – they’ve got massive budgets.

Of course that’s true – but we can take a steer from them in terms of how we can go about building the same sort of connections with our customers.

Sure, it’s difficult and it will take time. But you can do it.

And there’s no better way to get your message across than video.