We’re an official Soundstripe partner

Soundstripe is THE BEST place to get all your royalty free music whether it’s for videos or podcasts – and that’s why we use it. And that means we can offer you some great discounts.

We’ve been using Soundstripe for a long time now – it sometimes feels like I spend half my life there looking for music for the videos we’re making.

It’s a fantastic resource which not only has more music options than you could ever need – but has really thought about how to organise them to make it really easy to find the stuff that you need to bring your video or podcast to life.

The music you choose plays a huge part in how your video or podcast will be received – your audience may not even feel like they’ve noticed it but rest assured they have.

Who hasn’t noticed the ability for music to change your mood?

And that’s why it’s such an important part of your video project (or podcast).

That’s what I tell myself when I’m lost in their libraries for hours on end thinking about all the new videos I could create after stumbling across new tracks – why is it that you can always find the thing that you’re not looking for?

Anyway, that’s enough of the rambling – I know what you’re here for.

You’re here for ths discount – so here it is.

Get 10% off your Soundstripe music FOR EVER

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Then have a look at some of the monthly and annual plans – it’s a no-brainer if you’re creating content regularly.

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