Kiverco Recycling Equipment: Creating new content from existing footage libraries

As we went into Lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic Kiverco were determined to press ahead with the creation of a new video promoting their products and services to new customers. Working with us on our Video As a Service model ensured this was able to happen with no new filming required.

Kiverco design and manufacture a range of recycling equipment with numerous applications in the recycling industry – from household waste recycling through to construction and demolition waste recycling.

We were in discussions with them prior to the COVID-19 pandemic about creating a new promotional video which would help to showcase the range of applications they currently work with across the world. Once we entered lockdown as a result of the pandemic the easiest thing to do would have been to shelve the project until restrictions eased and we were once again able to go and shoot new footage.

But Kiverco didn’t want to wait – they saw an opportunity in investing in new content creation during the lockdown – a time when potential customers may have had more time to consider their existing processes and look at how their material recovery rates and recycled product quality could be improved.

As a result of working with us on our Video As A Service model, we were able to work together with the team at Kiverco over the last few months to build their new promotional video.

The Video As A Service model means that we build up an extensive footage library from all of the projects that we work together on – and after storyboarding the new video with the Kiverco team we started looking through our libraries and establishing whether it would be possible to execute the project to the standard required.

The answer was yes – and the final video utilises footage from numerous previous video projects we have completed with Kiverco as well as some stock footage and content from the photography libraries that Kiverco gave us access to.

We also made a separate version of the video for social media in square (1080×1080) format with embedded subtitles (as 85% of people who watch videos on social media channels do so with the sound off).


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