Latest Project: Aspire Solo Irish Dancing Dress

Our latest project involved working with Gavin Doherty and the team at Aspire to create this video to mark the launch of the Aspire Solo range.

Aspire is a company set up by Gavin Doherty of Eire Designs to create a range of Irish dancing dresses accessible to everyone from beginner level up.

As Gavin says ‘I want everyone who wears one of our dresses to feel like a world champion.”

Eire Designs has been making Irish dancing dresses for world champions for over 20 years and the Aspire range now means that everyone from beginner level up can access the same quality of fit as the dresses he has made for numerous world champions.

The new design involves a printed rather than embroidered design – making the dress more affordable.

Gavin said “In order for a dancer to dance their best they need to feel their best. And in order to feel their best they have to look their best.”