A month in video – August 2022

It’s back to school time (how did that happen?) so we thought we’d kick off the Autumn season (sorry) with a summary of some of the best articles that we’ve come across on the interweb over the course of the last 30 days.

Some of the topics covered this month include:

  • A handy $1 a day ads hack for your social channels
  • The rise in viewing of VERY long form content among Gen Z viewers
  • Breaking down the carbon cost of an ad campaign
  • A look at how video performs in the attention grabbing stakes when compared to other creative formats
  • And, of course, a Project Focus highlighting one of the projects we’ve completed over the last month.


Happy reading.

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That $1 a day social media ads hack

We’re not usually a big fan of hacks as anything that sounds too good to be true usually is.

But we’ll make an exception in this case.

I first heard about this at the Learn Inbound marketing conference in Dublin in 2019 at The Aviva stadium when Dennis Yu hosted one of the breakout sessions and he recently posted his advice on Linkedin.

It’s not overly complicated but is a really useful way to test various creative ideas and formats with your social media audience to see what one they will engage with.

It ventures into the ‘to boost or not to boost’ territory – and we think it’s a good example of how to use boosting as part of your testing process for advertising creative.

A growing trend for VERY long form content for Gen Z

In the age of short form content and apparently shorter attention spans there is a trend in Gen Z video viewing that highlights the place that long form content has to play in the video marketing mix.

And when we say ‘long-form’ we’re talking about hours long, not just minutes.

There’s an increasing trend to use long form video to help find communities of like minded people to interact and debate with on topics that are close to the viewers heart.

long form content viewing by Gen Z

What is the carbon cost of a video ad campaign?

While advertisers are aware that their ad campaigns have a significant carbon cost, very few of them are able to tell you how much carbon is emitted at each stage of the ad process – and it’s essential information if the industry commitment to be Net Zero by 2030 is to be achieved.

This article from Videoweek outlines a fictional campaign which attempts to understand the carbon cost at each stage of the campaign.

The one month campaign would use a combination of video, paid social, display and search ads. The campaign was split into 3 stages:

  • Creative
  • Broadcasting across various channels
  • Audience targeting

As well as showing the carbon emissions for each stage in the process the article also highlights the ‘low hanging fruit’ to help reduce the carbon cost of video campaigns.

Do mobile video ads drive attention?

Another article from Videoweek focuses on a report from OMD Worldwide, Yahoo and Amplified Intelligence that says video ranks among the most attention grabbing formats for mobile advertising.

While this is not earth shattering news for most of you, it may provide some of the evidence you need to justify a greater investment in video as part of your 2023 plans.

The article has a very useful breakdown of the attention grabbing potential of a variety of different creative formats – which could be useful when designing your next campaign.

do mobile video ads drive attention

And finally...

It’s time for that Project Focus.

Continuing on the sustainability theme we thought we’d highlight a project that we completed for the Irish Plant Contractors Association.

The video was intended to be used in their attempts to encourage the Irish Government to make a change to how construction and demolition waste is currently treated on construction sites in Ireland.

There are inconsistencies in how the EU Waste Directive is being enforced across different regions of Ireland which are a contributory factor to the country’s relatively poor performance when it comes to the recycling of construction and demolition waste for re-use.

That's a wrap....

That’s all folks – the end of the August newsletter.

Hopefully you got some useful information, education or entertainment from some of the articles we discovered over the last month.

We’ll be back for the September issue – and if you’ve got any video projects in mind we’d love to hear from you.

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