A month in video – September 2022

Autumn just arrived didn’t it?

And September came and went in the blink of an eye (anyone else seen the Christmas decorations yet? 🤦🏼).

Anyhow, enough of the moaning – let’s get on with the video marketing stuff.

Here’s some of the stuff that we thought was interesting on our travels around the interweb over the last month.

  • What are people watching – from a YouTube culture and trends report
  • The SEO benefits of video
  • Becoming more human on Linkedin – and why it matters
  • Making video work across the sales funnel (or fly wheel or whatever your preference is 😊)

Let’s get going –

What are people watching on YouTube?

youtube culture and trends report by think by google

This report from Think by Google (definitely one of our favourite sources – as you may have noticed) looks at changing consumer viewing habits.

“78% of people use Youtube because it serves them content that is personally relevant.”

There’s lots of info in this report – but one of the interesting trends it highlights is the shift away from a focus on viral content to content that is personally relevant – it even outlines the 3 things that sped up this shift.

There’s also interesting information on how people are using short form video apps (TikTok, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts) in order to discover longer form content that they can engage with.

Hit the link below ⬇️ to read more

The SEO benefits of video

Our customers will tell you that this is something I’m always going on about – so it’s nice when we find an article that adds some substance to my claims.

This article is from Search Engine Land

Despite the fact that the headline of the article reads that a good old fashioned piece of keyword stuffing, there’s some really interesting information in the article.

I’ll bow to those who specialise in the dark art of SEO to tell me how credible it is – but I enjoyed the read anyway.

The most interesting learning for me was that video now appears in at least 30% of Google SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) – largely as a result of the presence of video carousels in the search results.

These carousels are used to display related videos – content which closely relates to the search term being used.

By using video keyword research you can better understand your target keywords for your particular area of specialism and come up with content ideas which answers the specific search queries – helping to drive traffic, views and engagement with your video content.

Becoming more human on Linkedin

brands should be become more human on linkedin

‘This is not facebook”

It’s a comment that we’ve all seen on Linkedin from those firmly in the camp that Linkedin is a professional networking site and there are unwritten rules about the kind of content that can be published on the channel.

Thankfully, that view is becoming less prevalent and this article from Social Chain explains why.

From great content case studies to the familiar ‘Top Tips ‘ lists, there’s something here for everyone trying to figure out their Linkedin content strategy.

And of course – it’s hard to be more human when online than on video.

Making video work across the sales funnel

…or fly wheel or whatever your preference is – you get where it’s coming from.

This one is also from Think by Google

The basis for this article is the assertion that while YouTube has always been a great way of expanding reach, there’s always been a feeling that performance in terms of driving sales conversions has left a little to be desired.

It’s fairly obvious why Google would want to try and convince us that this is not the case – so a healthy dose of cynicism is probably advised when reading the article – but it does include a number of good case study examples showing campaigns that have managed to successfully achieve the reach and conversions goal through a well constructed, tested and managed video ad campaign.

That's all folks

It’s not an original sign off – but it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Don’t forget – talking video is what we enjoy best, so if you’ve got any projects in mind you know where we are.

See you again next month for another roundup.