Belfast Recruitment Marketing Meetups

We're hosting a series of 4 recruitment marketing meetups in Belfast between March and May 2023 with the first event happening on Thursday 2nd March at Clockwise Belfast.

Recruitment marketing is an area where we have been doing a lot of work recently as our customers seek to grow their teams to help deliver their revenue targets for the coming year.

In response to a growing demand for the recruitment marketing video content that we produce, we decided to put together a programme of events designed to help people working in recruitment marketing to understand what activity they can undertake at each stage of the process to build their employer brand and drive more applications for the jobs they are promoting.

Each of the 4 events will deal with a different recruitment marketing topic:

Meetup 1 - Workplaces of the Future

workplaces of the future recruitment marketing meetup

The shift to hybrid and remote working has resulted in a change in how we configure our working environments.

  • How do we create a space that our teams will want to come and work in?
  • How we do reconfigure the spaces that we occupy to ensure productivity and creativity can exist together?
  • What do our future employees expect of their working environments and how do they expect to be able to work?

These are the questions that we’ll be asking our panel guests at our first recruitment marketing meetup on Thursday 2nd March.

The event takes place from 6pm to 8pm at Clockwise Belfast.

Event Format

You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve adopted a ‘Zero Powerpoint” policy for all of our meetups.

There’ll be free pizza and some drinks and we’ll host a panel conversation with our guests – all of whom have been selected based on their experience and knowledge of the individual topics.

Meet our first panel

colm lavery qub workplaces of the future meetup

Colm Lavery is Head of Estates Development at Queen’s University Belfast and was closely involved with the new One Elmwood project.

One Elmwood is the new Students Union building at Queen’s University Belfast and Colm will tell us about some of the design decisions that were made for the building as well as covering some of the feedback from staff and students since it opened in the Autumn of 2022.

Paul Black is CEO of The Alpha Group – an office design, fitout and furniture supplier based in Belfast.

Alpha have been involved in some of the largest office fitout projects in Northern Ireland as well as working extensively in Republic of Ireland and Scotland.

Paul will tell us about some of the latest projects Alpha has been involved with as well as highlighting changing trends from their many furniture suppliers.

rob rees scileads cipd northern ireland workplaces of the future

Rob Rees is Head of People & Culture at Scileads and is also Vice-Chair of the CIPD in Northern Ireland.

Scileads is a fully remote organisation and we’ll talk to Rob about what this means for the company in terms of how they ensure their workspaces are organised to get the best from their people.

In his role as Vice-Chair of CIPD Northern Ireland Rob can also provide some wider industry insight into the challenges facing organisations as they decide what the best work patterns are for the business.

rachel mcmillan clockwise recruitment marketing meetup

Rachel McMillan is General Manager of Clockwise Belfast.

Clockwise has been the home of BlueSky Video Marketing since September 2019.

As well as their Belfast serviced offices, Clockwise has working spaces across the UK – Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol, Glasgow just to name a few.

Rachel can let us know what is happening in the coworking space market as well as provide insight into the leased / serviced office trends.

Fiona Rooney is Managing Director os Ipsos Northern Ireland and has been a long time supporter of the events that we have hosted since 2018.

Fiona will help us to answer the “what do our future employees want?” question using data from the many market research reports being conducted by Ipsos to identify the trends that help their customers.


The rest of the series?

There are 3 more recruitment marketing meetups in the series and the details are below.

We will update information on individual contributors as and when it becomes available.

the employee onboarding experience recruitment marketing meetup
employee engagement and retention recruitment marketing meetup