Capture attention with short, vertical video ads

As we know, the use of mobile devices is increasing at a rapid pace. Along with the rise in mobile usage, video usage is also increasing. 

People are now engaging with video up to five times longer than static content. Mobile-first video ads can grab the attention of the viewer and directly engage through both Facebook and Instagram. 

Even YouTube has jumped on the vertical video bandwagon with the launch of their YouTube Shorts – but that’s a story for another day.

To create a video ad for a mobile audience, here are some tips to get the best results:

  • Keep your videos short

To ensure your viewers stay engaged throughout the video ad, 15 seconds is the recommended maximum length of the video. No one really likes watching a 2 minute video ad do they?

  • Use vertical or square video

The majority of mobile users tend to hold their phones vertically, so choosing a vertical or square format is recommended to get the best results. For Facebook and Instagram try 4:5 or 1:1 for vertical video ads or 9:16 vertical videos for Facebook and Instagram stories. (and YouTube Shorts).

Did you know, when a landscape video appears, the viewer tends to automatically look from left to right of the screen. As for vertical video ads, there is no clear view as it moves depending on the frame used. This enables the video to capture people’s eyes by panning up and down while using the height of the screen. 

  • Capture attention quickly

People do not like watching ads that they have no interest in, to ensure this doesn’t happen the most interesting part of the video ad has to come first to grab the attention of the viewer. It is recommended that this is done within the first three seconds.

  • Design for mobile first

To get the best results for your video ads, aim to reach people where they are spending the majority of their time when on social media. Doing things like using short ads in a vertical format and ads that are specifically designed to be put out on Facebook and Instagram. 

  • Split your screen

Dividing up the vertical screen can create more space to showcase your ad. Splitting your screen in half or using a grid format to showcase different products or different angles of the same video are some ways that you can differentiate your video ads. Having a range of different sized grids enables the user to indicate the importance of each product and gives the viewer an indication of the most important aspects of the video ad. 

And there you have it, a short look at how you can take your video ads to the next level.

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