Content repurposing – turning 4 case studies into 45 new videos

We’ve all heard lots of talk about repurposing your video content to ensure you get maximum value from your investment in video marketing – but what does it look like in practice?

We worked on a project with Coincidental – a software company that provides practice management software to dental practices across Ireland and the UK that is a good example of video content repurposing.

The initial project scope was to create 4 x customer success stories which were to be filmed on location at dental practices in Dublin, Galway, Letterkenny and Magherafelt.

On completion of the 4 video shoots and after looking at all the audio transcriptions from the interviews we had conducted, it became clear that there was a big opportunity to create a lot more than was originally intended from the project.

We ended up creating 45 new video assets:

  • 4 x Widescreen Master Customer Success Stories (for the new Coincidental website and their YouTube channel)
  • 4 x Square Master Customer Success Stories (with embedded captions – for use on social media channels)
  • 18 x widescreen shorts (30-60 secs) for use on the website and YouTube channels as well as part of paid search and YouTube advertising)
  • 18 x square shorts (30-60 secs) for use across their social media channels (organic and paid advertising)
  • 1 x website header video created from footage shot while on location at the 4 dental practices

Take a look at some of the content we created below

4 x Widescreen Customer Success Stories

Square Customer Success Stories with embedded captions

We’ve shown 2 examples of the 4 videos we created in this format to show you the design that we use for square videos.

The square format of the video, the design of the thumbnail and how we present the captions has all been considered based on extensive research on the analytics of successful video on social media channels.

The square format works better than widescreen as a result of the fact that most social media views happen on a mobile device and this format simply takes up more space on the screen – and is therefore harder to ignore.

The thumbnail design is based on research which shows that including an image of the person who the viewer will hear from in the video increases the potential for the person to stop scrolling and hit the ‘play’ button.

By embedding the captions the way we do it makes them easier to read than when a SRT captions file is uploaded along with the video on social media channels.

With the SRT captions file the text is often very small and hard to read, which harms the user experience and makes it less likely that people will watch as much of your video as you want them to.

36 short videos for website, social media channels and YouTube

The 36 short videos created in addition to the main  customer success stories were created based on some of the key benefits of the Coincidental software.

These short videos were intended for use as part of a campaign which released the master versions of the customer success stories first and then followed this up with content designed to remind potential customers of the key benefits rather than asking them to watch the master video again.

As well as providing an extensive library of content for organic social media activity and the new Coincidental website, these short assets also have a range of uses in paid customer acquisition activity including YouTube advertising, search advertising and retargeting campaigns.

Having this library of content available allows Coincidental to create sequential advertising campaigns which direct viewers to specific pieces of content based on their previous interactions with the campaign.

It also facilitates testing of which key benefits are of most interest to potential customers and this information helps to inform future decisions about content to be created.

We’ve included below a snapshot of some of the shorter social media assets that were created as part of this project.

Want to explore this approach for your business?

If you think a project like this could be useful for your business get in touch and we can have a quick 30 minute video call to talk it through.

You can find out more about howa project like this works by taking a look at our Video as a Service page.