How to be your best on camera

After our recent 5th Birthday video with Sarah Travers we thought it was a good time to share the details of a short online course we put together with Sarah and Camilla Long of Bespoke Communications.

Here are Sarah and Camilla with a brief intro to what’s included in the course.

The individual modules in the course are:

  1. Preparing in advance
  2. Script writing
  3. Dealing with imposter syndrome
  4. Intoverts & video
  5. Your executive presence
  6. Start why ‘Why?’
  7. Presenting on camera
  8. Posture & gestures
  9. What to wear on camera
  10. Working with a production company
  11. Coping with nerves
  12. Body language

Module 1: Preparing in advance

Camilla Long tells us about how you can prepare in advance for your video appearance to ensure you deliver your best performance.

Module 2: Script writing

This module gives some hints and tips about how you can make sure that every word in your script justifies inclusion.

Module 3: Dealing with imposter syndrome

Appearing on video is a very unnatural experience for most of us – and we always fear we’re not going to be good enough. In this module, Camilla gives some advice on how you can deal with those feelings of imposter syndrome.

Module 4: Introverts & Video

You wouldn’t imagine that introverts and video would be very happy bed fellows – but you’d be wrong. Camilla explains why it can be a powerful creative tool.

Module 5: Your executive presence

Your audience will start to judge your performance as soon as you appear on screen and before you speak. This is how to ensure you project the right impression for your audience.

Module 6: Start with 'Why?'

This module deals with how you can put yourself in the shoes of your viewer to understand what messages are going to resonate most.

Module 7: Presenting on camera

The thought of presenting on camera is a daunting one for a lot of people. In this module Sarah gives a few easy to remember tips to make sure your performance is up to scratch.

Module 8: Posture & gestures

This module focuses on making sure you pay attention to your own particular presentation style and how you set up your shots to take account of this.

Module 9: What to wear on camera

There are some clothes that work well – and others that don’t. Find out what Sarah’s advice is on how you can feel and look your best for your performance.

Module 10: Working with a production company

Sarah offers some useful tips on the processes involved when working with a production company (like BlueSky Video Marketing 😉)

Module 11: Coping with nerves

Everyone is nervous about being on camera – even the most seasoned campaigners. Sarah reveals how she used to deal with nerves to help relax before going LIVE.

Module 12: Body language

It’s not just your words that matter – your body language plays a huge part in how your message will be received. This module outlines how you can make sure you leave the best impression with your audience.

Congratulations. You did it. 🎉

You’ve reached the end of the course – and hopefully you feel more confident in your ability to nail that performance.

If you’ve got any of your own hints and tips we’d love to hear them below ⬇️

And of course, if you’ve got a video project in mind we’d love to talk it through with yo so don’t be a stranger.