Is a 4-day week a model for the future?

We’ve noticed a lot more conversations around the benefits of a 4 day week and its impact.

We introduced a 4 day week in Summer 2020 to improve employee wellbeing and enhance the quality of the creative ideas that we were having as a team.

As a relatively small company it was also introduced as a recruitment tool.

The market research company, Statista recently published a video on their findings when they surveyed companies on the impact of introducing a 4 day working week.

Statista video on the impact of a 4 day working week.

After we introduced a 4 day working week, we asked the team how they felt about the change and what impact it had on the quality of the work they were doing.

If you like the sound of a 4 day working week then check out our current vacancies page for details of current opportunities to join the BlueSky Video Marketing team.

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About the author:

Peter Craven is the Founder & Creative Director of BlueSky Video Marketing.

He started the company in 2017 after spending 20 years working in global marketing roles.