Our latest product animation: Harlequin Manufacturing

Product animation completed for Harlequin to launch a new range of large sewage treatment plants for hotels, campsites and other places serving populations of between 50 and 600 people.

We worked with the marketing and engineering teams at Harlequin Manufacturing to develop this product animation which shows how the large sewage treatment plants work.

The animations were created from the CAD design files and our process is designed to ensure minimum re-work is required once the original render has been completed.

This is done by creating a library of static illustrations for approval by Harlequin Manufacturing before any animation wok has been completed.

The result is a version one edit of the final animation that was approved by Harlequin with no further changes required.

Thoroughly enjoyed working on producing this classy video explaining the working of Harlequin Manufacturing Ltd Commercial Sewage Treatment Plants with BlueSky Video Marketing. Mighty pleased. They are extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. Project was completed on time with minimum fuss. Would highly recommend their services. Thank you Peter Craven FCIM for all your help & support.
Lakshmi Vishwanath
Marketing Manager, Harlequin

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