Project Focus: Citizen Ticket & NI Science Festival

Citizen Ticket and the Northern Ireland Science Festival have had a partnershp for a number of years and this video explored the reasons for that partnership.

The Northern Ireland Science Festival is an annual event with multiple events taking place over a number of different venues. 

The 2024 programme will represent the 10th year of the Northern Ireland Science Festival.

The most recent edition in 2023 featured more than 180 events across more than 50 venues.

Running a multi-event, multi-location festival like this is a complex process and the selection of the right ticketing partner is critical to the success of the event.

Citizen Ticket wished to create a testimonial video focusing on their relationship with the Northern Ireland Science Festival while also showcasing their experience and capability in providing the event ticketing solution for festivals like the Northern Ireland Science Festival.

One of the key factors for the Northern Ireland Science Festival when deciding to work with Citizen Ticket was the alignment of their values in relation to creating a program of sustainable events.

For every ticket purchased using the Citizen Ticket platform, a donation is made by Citizen Ticket to the National Forest.

This donation allows the National Forest to cultivate and nurture new woodlands.

You can find out more about how this works on the Citizen Ticket website.

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