Project Focus: : Larsen Building Products

In advance of their appearance at The Hardware Show in Dublin, Larsen Building Products asked us to work with them to create a video showcasing their position as the largest manufacturer of building products in Ireland.

The video was created from footage we shot at the two Larsen manufacturing facilities in the docks area of Belfast.

The team at Larsen Building Products were also keen to ensure that the video would have a life beyond The Hardware Show and could be used in the future marketing activities to build awareness of the range of products the company manufactures.

As well as featuring information on the range of products manufactured by Larsen, the video also details some of the major construction projects they have been involved with in order to help build trust with their audience and position the company as the leading manufacturer of building products in Ireland.

This is the latest in a series of event videos that we have been involved with recently as the trade show calendar springs back into life after a two year break because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This has seen us create a number of videos for events in recent times and there are several others currently in production including:

  • An awards event in Scotland.
  • A digital marketing event in Belfast.
  • A construction and mining equipment trade show in India.
  • A renewable energy event in Scotland.

Visit our event videos page to find out more about some of our most recent video projects.