Recruitment Marketing Meetup series is underway

We kicked off a series of 4 recruitment marketing meetups with our first event in Belfast on 2nd March.

The series is designed to bring together the recruitment marketing community in Northern Ireland to talk about the work we can do to attract and retain the best candidates to our organisations and businesses.

Check out the gallery of pictures from the event below.

Workplaces of the Future - a roundup

Each of the 4 recruitment marketing meetups will focus on a different theme and for our first event we looked at ‘Workplaces of the Future’.

The format for each event is a facilitated panel discussion and for the first event our panel guests were:

Alpha specialise in the design, specification and fitout of commercial spaces and work across Ireland and the UK. They count among their clients a number of large corporate clients – the Allstate offices in Belfast is one example from their project portfolio – as well as working extensively in the education sector.

Paul spoke to us about some of the developments being made by office furniture suppliers to satisfy the requirement for more ‘desination’ working environments and also how they were working with the clients post-Covid to reconfigure their workspaces.

5 panelists at recruitment marketing meetup

From the Scileads perspective, Rob spoke to us about the decision they made to be a fully remote organisation and what that meant for their teams in relation to the setup of their home offices.

Rob is also Vice-Chair of CIPD Northern Ireland.

From the CIPD perspective, Rob talked about the conversations going on a both a local and national level about the move to hybrid and remote working. He also told us about the decision making process from organisations considering a change in their working practices in light of the shift to hybrid and remote working since the Covid pandemic.

Rob also wrote his own summary of the event on Linkedin and you can read his article by following the link below.

rob rees at belfast recruitment marketing meetup (2)

Fiona was able to give us some insights from recent Ipsos research reports around the different generational cohorts and their expectations of their working environments.

Unsurprisingly, those who have very recently entered the world of work have been heavily influenced by the fact that the last few years of their education was spent in a remote working environment.

fiona rooney at belfast recruitment marketing meetup

Colm spoke to us in detail about the One Elmwood project – the new student’s union and student services centre that recently opened in Belfast.

He was able to take us through some of the design decisions that were made in the new building and also highlighted that despite the building only being open for just over 6 months, information gathering was already underway to understand where the next stage of development would take it to ensure it continued to provide a positive learning experience for QUB students and staff.

colm lavery at recruitment marketing meetup belfast

With Clockwise having 12 hubs across the UK, Rachel told us about the trends in relation to the leased office and serviced office models.

She was also able to tell us about the drive to make our workplaces more sustainable through the specification of furniture and services to those buildings. 

Paul Black of Alpha was able to contribute here as well – highlighting instances where some of the world’s best known brands were now specifying that a proportion of furniture supplied to offices had to be recycled. The most significant example of this was a new development for Netflix in the UK where the requirement was that 100% of the furniture would be recycled or repurposed.

rachel mcmillan clockwise belfast

Our next recruitment marketing meetup

The 2nd event in our series takes place on Thursday 6th April 2023 at Clockwise Belfast.

The theme for this event will be ‘Atttracting candidates’ and we will have 2 separate panel discussions.

The first of these will be a “Student Voice” panel – 4 students about to embark on their career journeys will tell us about how they research potential employers, what they are looking for when deciding on the kind of organisation they want to work for and their attitudes to hybrid and remote working.

Our panel guests are:

Conor Bratton – Undergraduate student at Ulster University studying Business Administration, Management & Operations.

Ellis Crickard – Student Committee Member for the CIPD in Northern Ireland, student on the MSc in Human Resources Management at Queen’s University Belfast and Associate Talent Acquisition Specialist with ESO.

Nathalie de Leeuw – student on the MSc in Human Resources Management at Queen’s University Belfast

Keegan Haynes – Undergraduate student at Queen’s University Belfast studying Business / Managerial Economics & Inside Sales Executive with software company, Scileads.

Our second panel will feature representatives from organisations who have won awards for their recruitment marketing efforts in recent years as well as experts from the recruitment sector in Northern Ireland.