A Day in the Life – Recruitment Video Marketing

Recruitment is hard.

And a way to make it easier is to show people what it’s like to work in your organisation.

That’s what made us come up with the idea for a new ‘Day in the Life’ content package to help with recruitment marketing.

If it comes down to comparing one job description with another it’s hard to get the message across about the culture of your organisation and the team you have built.

Video allows you to pull back the curtain and show people what’s involved in the day to day job.

If it’s done right, it should help you to:

  1. Increase the number of applications you receive for your jobs.
  2. Increase the quality of the applications that you receive based on a cultural fit.


Our ‘Day in the Life’ recruitment marketing package allows you to create a range of video assets for use across a variety of platforms to ensure that no matter where your ideal candidate is hanging out, you can be there too to let them know everything that’s great about working for your organisation.

What you’ll find below is a number of the videos that we created in partnership with Lauren Hyndman of bBold Tan for their ‘Day in the Life’ series.

The Master Widescreen video

This HD widescreen version is intended for use on YouTube and Vimeo as well as embedding on your website.

It could be used as part of a retargeting campaign for anyone that has visited the’jobs’ or ‘recruitment’ section of your website.

The shorter edits

There are 2 formats for the shorter edits:

  1. Widescreen – for use on YouTube, Vimeo, your website and as part of paid YouTube advertising campaigns
  2. Square – with embedded captions for use across your social media channels as part of your organic and paid social media activity
  3. Vertical – for use on Instagram stories and reels, YouTube shorts, Facebook and TikTok

The widescreen short video

The square version with embedded captions

Embedding the captions in the square version ensures accessibility for anyone with a hearing impairment while also ensuring that anyone watching on social media with the sound off (85% of people do) is able to follow the story.

Given the common practice across social media channels for them to add automatic closed captions to your video, you will need to make sure your turn these off when you upload your video to Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin.

The vertical edit

The vertical version of the short edit with embedded captions makes it suitable for use across:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. YouTube shorts
  4. TikTok

The 15 second vertical videos

The ‘Day in the Life’ packages also includes for up to 6 x 15 second vertical videos to allow you to continue to promote current vacancies through Facebook, Instagram stories and reels, YouTube shorts and TikTok.

You’ll find the 6 videos that made up the package for bBold tan below.

The end (nearly)

And that’s our ‘Day in the Life’ recruitment video marketing package.

Instead of producing a single asset, this approach allows you to create 11 different video assets for use across all of the social media channels.

The aim of the package is to help you to reach potential new employees wherever they are hanging out.

So if you’ve got recruitment plans and you like the sound of this – hit the link below and we’ can talk you through what’s involved.


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