Repurposing video content for maximum benefit

Making great video content takes time – so it’s important that we extract maximum benefit from all the effort that went into creating that content with you.

If you’re creating one single video as part of any content creation project then you’re definitely missing an opportunity.

When you’ve featured actual humans in your video, telling the story of how great it was to use your products or service, attend your event, take part n your training programme there is definitely additional content that hasn’t made the cut into the master video.

To leave this on the cutting room floor doesn’t maximise the opportunity from your video.

Choosing what additional video assets you want to create will depend on a number of things – the channels that you’re using to promote your products or services, the nature of the content you have created and the quality of the interview footage that you’ve got left having already created the master asset.

It’s also true that your additional assets don’t necessarily need to feature content that hasn’t made the cut to your master video.

You can create short videos featuring soundbites from your master video and either use them as trailers before you release the master video – or as follow up videos in a retargeting campaign.

This can be very effective – once someone has watched the master video, they’re probably not going to watch it all again, but there’s definitely a benefit in reminding them of the key sales messages to help drive traffic, enquiries and hopefully some new business.

Here's an example from a recent project

We recently completed this project for Envision in partnership with Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council to promote their Bid2Win tendering programme.

The video required that we visit Ad-Vance Engineering in Lisburn and speak to their Managing Director, Roger Vance about his experience of the programme and how it has helped his business.

To support the master video we also created a series of 4 short videos to be used as part of the marketing plan for recruiting new businesses to the Bid2Win programme.

If you’d like to talk to us about how you can maximise the benefit from your video content then contact us today.