From script to screen in 6 days

We're working on a recruitment marketing project with Abacus Careers and for the first video in the package we went from script to screen in 6 days.

We ran a survey on Linkedin recently to try and find out what frustrated people most about working with a video agency or freelance videographer.

Almost half of all the respondents (47%) said ‘Delivery Times’ were the biggest frustration.

This is not a surprise.

Before we set up BlueSky Video Marketing in 2017, our founder and Creative Director, Peter Craven spent 20 years working as in in-house marketer in a range of different sectors.

Over the course of this experience he was involved in buying video services from both agencies and freelancers – and it was this experience that led to our company being born.

Recruitment marketing with Abacus Careers

We recently started working with Abacus Careers to produce a number of different video assets for them to use for their own recruitment purposes.

They’re currently looking for ambitious graduates to joi their training academy as well as experienced recruitment consultants as they continue to grow.

While we were on a shoot with them for the first batch of content, they mentioned an event that they were hosting in Belfast to promote their vacancies.

The event was happening 6 days after the shoot (the shoot was on a Wednesday and the event was the following week).

bluesky video marketing agency team in belfast

The creation of a video asset for the event wasn’t on the original project plan for us – but Abacus really wanted something to show the attendees at the event.

So we got to work.

  • We transcribed the 10 interviews we had done with members of the Abacus team.
  • We made the audio selection for a 90 second teaser video in partnership with the Abacus marketing team.
  • We set about creating a first draft edit which was delivered to them 4 days after the shoot.
  • We compiled a list of their edit requests and made sure all of them were actioned.
  • We delivered the final video assets to the team at Abacus with 6 hours to spare before their event began.

And we did all of this despite the fact that we had 2 other shoots and a weekend in between the Abacus shoot and their event – and we only work a 4 day week.

Here's the video

But why should you care?

We’re able to turn projects like this around much more quickly than most because:

  • Our +20 years marketing experience means we understand your job and what you need to make you life easier.
  • Our in-house team are focused on delivering content that converts and an exceptional customer experience – we’ll always find a way to get you the content you need whatever the deadline.


So if you’ve got video on your mind – drop us a message. 

We’d love to hear from you.